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English And French? Please Pray!

There is something I will let you know about, here on Life with Lynnie (LwL).

It's not regarding all of Canada.

It's regarding the Province of Quebec.

Here is the article by that is entitled, Only Quebecers legally entitled to go to English school have right to be served in English, premier says

Did you read what the article says?  Well, I'll share a bit of what was stated (I copied/pasted):

Quebec Premier François Legault has laid out who in the province he believes has the right to get their electricity bill in English or be served in English when they renew their driver's licence or health insurance card — only those entitled to English schooling under Quebec's French-language charter.
"If your parents went to English school, you have rights in Quebec, and we will respect those rights," Legault told reporters at Quebec's National Assembly on Tuesday. "If you're a new immigrant, we have to talk with them in French. That's the difference."
"It's in the rules. We just apply the Bill 101," he said, referring to the charter. 

The premier was asked to define just who is a "historical anglophone," after Immigration Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette, who is also responsible for the protection of the French language, said a new language policy will ensure all ministries and organizations offer public services almost exclusively in French.

The policy should be ready in the coming weeks, Jolin-Barrette said, and will apply to communication with individuals as well as companies.

Nothing will change for the "historic English minority," he explained — they "will always be able to receive all the services in their own language."
Exceptions will also be made for Indigenous people, but not for new immigrants to the province.
When asked by the host of Radio-Canada's Tout un matin, Patrick Masbourian, whether first-generation immigrants should be "given a break," Jolin-Barrette said all immigrants should have the opportunity to learn to speak French and that Quebec has invested a lot in ensuring there are programs for them to do so.
Hmm... there is more you could read (I copied/posted):

"But it's not because you say 'I want it in English' that [you will receive it in English]. So that's really important, that the governmental communication is first of all in French."

I'll let you know what else was stated (I copied/posted):

Grey said the purpose of Bill 101, Quebec's landmark language law which required new immigrants to send their children to French schools, wasn't spite — demographics showed that if nothing changed, an English-speaking majority would eventually emerge.
He said he studied those demographics and was convinced by the findings.
"However here, there is no study … When they say it's to protect French, I'd like to know how it protects French to tell somebody you can't have your services in English."
Obviously, the Quebec government wants Quebec to NOT be French and English, like all of Canada is supposed to be.

Why do I think that?

I'll also let you know more information regarding language in all of Canada.  Here is the article of that is entitled, Official Languages Act (Canada)

Here is some information stated on that article (I copied/pasted):
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The Official Languages Act (French: Loi sur les langues officielles) (the Act) is a Canadian law that came into force on September 9, 1969,[1] which gives French and English equal status in the government of Canada.[2] This makes them "official" languages, having preferred status in law over all other languages. Although the Official Languages Act is not the only piece of federal language law, it is the legislative keystone of Canada's official bilingualism. It was substantially amended in 1988. Both languages are equal in Canada's government and in all the services it controls, such as the courts.

However, this was also stated regarding... Quebec (I copied/pasted):

Quebec, which is home to an English-speaking minority of over half a million, had traditionally been the only province which was generous in its treatment of its minority-language population, and for this reason had been cited by the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism as the model to be emulated by other provinces. But in the 1970s the provincial legislature adopted two laws, the Official Language Act (also known as "Bill 22") and the Charter of the French Language (also known as "Bill 101"), reducing the access of Quebecers to English-language services, preventing immigrants and Francophones from enrolling their children in English schools, requiring that French be made the language of the workplace, and restricting the use of English on commercial signs.

As you will have read, both English and French have equal status in Canada's government and in courts.

That's great that happened... September 9, 1969... as you just read.

On Google, you'll be able to read what I'm sharing now (I copied/pasted) from

Click on that link to read it yourself!
Quebec/Official languages
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The Official Language Act of 1974 (French Loi sur la langue officielle), also known as Bill 22, was an act of the National Assembly of Quebec, commissioned by Premier Robert Bourassa, which made French the sole official language of Quebec, Canada.

It breaks my heart that the province of Quebec does NOT do what the Canadian federal government has said they want done by all provinces to be both fully English and French.

I must admit that most people don't believe that the province of Quebec had French people in the 1960's who kidnapped people and/or killed people, but I knew about that back then.

Plus, companies were hurt.

In fact, a cousin of mine worked for a British insurance company, and let me know that the French group who were damaging buildings and businesses in addition to kidnapping and/or murdering people, had notified the company she was working for, that the company had to change the name to French, had to work ONLY in French, and were to stop speaking/working in English… OR the building would get blown up.  Yes, the company did that.

Please understand that I am speaking truth.

Yes, I not only speak of truth, I have explained today... extremely good... true things that have happened.

Thinking of that made me think of Proverbs 8:6, "Hear; for I will speak of excellent things; and the opening of my lips shall be right things.".

Amen!  Hear; for I will speak of excellent things; and the opening of my lips shall be right things.

Yes, I have been speaking/writing truth about right things.

Please know that I pray.


Even though I no longer live there, I was born and attended school in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  And, I have relatives who still live in the province of Quebec,

Please join me in prayer.

If you pray, I believe God will bless you.

Thank you!

Thank You, Lord!

Until next time...

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