Tuesday, June 25, 2019


If you didn't read Life with Lynnie (LwL), yesterday, then I would suggest you do, now.

Why?  Because I will be discussing more about the same issue as yesterday.


As I mentioned yesterday, abortion doesn't just happen in Canada.  It happens in other countries.

I shared a pic on Facebook (FB), that a friend had posted.  I decided to share it with you:

Wow!  Was this amazing to you?  It was to me!

Believe me, when I say that I was thankful that a male Facebook (FB) friend had posted this.

Not being old enough to have seen that be created, I was surprised when I found out about this.  Even so, it wasn't shocking to me.

After all, Adolf Hitler made sure a lot of people were killed.  What a sin!

Even though God didn't want him or anyone else to kill people.

Just as we read, in Exodus 20:13, "Thou shalt not kill.".

Yes, people were killed.

But, so were babies.  By... abortion.

Please... do not have an abortion.

Please... do not make anyone have an abortion.

If you don't, and if you help other people NOT have an abortion, God will bless you.

Thank You, Lord!

Until next time...

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