Thursday, May 2, 2019


Here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), there's something I feel I need to let you know more about.

It's something that has happened, here in Canada.

Although it's not regarding everyone in Canada, it will affect everyone in Canada!

Please click on this link for the article by that is entitled, After 17-year deportation fight over alleged terrorism ties, Toronto man sues federal government for $34M .

Did you click on the link and read the article?  Hopefully, you did.

Even so, I am sharing part of it with you (I copied/pasted):

One of the longest-running national security cases in Canada has resulted in a massive civil lawsuit, as an Egyptian-born Toronto man is suing the federal government for repeatedly trying to deport him over alleged ties to the 1998 terrorist bombings of U.S. embassies in Africa.
The federal government first arrested Mahmoud Jaballah in 1999 through the use of a national security certificate, a controversial tool that uses classified evidence kept secret from the accused. That kicked off a 17-year battle between Jaballah and the federal government over the legitimacy and constitutionality of the certificates. Jaballah has always maintained the allegations against him are false.
A person named in a certificate as a security risk to Canada can be deported under immigration law. Between 1999 and 2016, the government signed three security certificates naming Jaballah, all of which ultimately failed to stand up in court. The government’s case ultimately died in the Federal Court of Appeal in October 2016.
Jaballah has now filed a statement of claim seeking general damages for him, his wife and his six children totalling $34 million, plus an additional $3.4 million in aggravated and punitive damages — though it’s the judge that sets damages if a plaintiff wins. The lawsuit was filed in Toronto in the Ontario Superior Court on Nov. 28, 2018.
The article also stated (I copied/pasted):

Jaballah arrived in Canada with his family in May 1996 using false Saudi Arabia passports. The family claimed refugee status, pointing to persecution by Egyptian authorities who accused him of links with al-Qaeda terrorists.

Why do I think this will affect all of us Canadians?

Who pays the government so that they have money?  We Canadians do!

Even though this Islamic person and his Muslim family receive much here in Canada, hurting Canada is being affected.  Canadians will be hurt, as Canada get's hurt.  Financially!

Still, I believe God will deal with this man.  And, anyone else who is doing whatever they feel can help themselves, but hurt others.

They'll go through judgement.

Thinking of that, made me think of Proverbs 19:29, "Judgments are prepared for scorners, and stripes for the back of fools.".

Amen!  Judgments are prepared for scorners, and stripes for the back of fools.

The judgement will be done with Jesus.

During the day of judgement, many people will stand before Him... and He will say to them. something like... 'get away from me, for I never knew you'.

Will this happen to me?


Why not?

Because I belong to Him. 

For this, I'm thankful, for I'll be with Him... forever!

Thank You, Lord!

Until next time...

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