Friday, October 12, 2018


Here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), I'll be letting you know about something.

It's not something I feel is good.  But, it is something I feel you need to know about.

Here is an article you should read, by entitled, Manchester mosque sermon 'called for armed jihad, say scholars

Did you read the article?  I won't state the whole information, but will let you know about some of what was stated (I copied/pasted):

A sermon at the mosque where the Manchester bomber worshipped called for the support of armed jihadist fighters, according to two Muslim scholars.

There is a video on the article page.  Hopefully, you watched it, for it told anyone watching it, about what happened.

Unfortunately, I can't share the video from the article.  But, I did find a video on YouTube that commented about the video I can't share with you.  To see it, click on this link entitled, Breaking News - Mosque sermon called 'for armed jihad':

Hopefully, you read the article and watched/listened to the video.

If you did, then you would have read this statement (I copied/pasted):

Mr Graf declined to be interviewed by the BBC but denied he had called for armed jihad or that he had ever preached Islamic extremism.


To me, it's amazing how people heard that during the sermon, they were told to support armed jihadist fighters, yet when spoken to later, it was refused to be true.

Wow!  Some people would think it was a lie.  But, if people heard it was true, then the lie was from who claimed that it wasn't said.

Should people lie?  No.

Just as we read, in Colossians 3:9, "Lie not one to another, seeing that ye have put off the old man with his deeds;".

Amen!  Lie not one to another, seeing that ye have put off the old man with his deeds.

We born again Christians who belong to him and have gained salvation and everlasting life, have trusted in/believed upon our Lord, Jesus Christ.  And, we who read God's Word, the Bible, know that God does not want us to lie, just as we read in today's Bible verse.

Do Muslims lie?

Not to each other, for their god... who is NOT our God, wants them to use Taqiyya.

Taqiyya means that Muslims should not lie to fellow Muslims, but can and should lie to people who are unbelievers of Islam.  Meaning they can/should lie to unbelievers, who are not Muslim.

Please realize that all I am doing is speaking truth to you.  To educate you.  So, you can learn and accept about how dangerous Islam is to anyone and everyone who is not Muslim.

Please accept the truth.

And, if you haven't yet gained salvation, come to Christ, now.

Tomorrow, may be too late.

Until next time...

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