Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), there is something I need to let you know about.

It's not regarding me.  It's something that was shared to me.  Well, at least at first.  But, then I found much other things I need to share with you.

A friend shared this YouTube video with me that is entitled, 300,000 TROOPS SENT TO SYRIA REAKS OF ARMAGEDDON!!! (on the video, it also used the name The New York Times)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ow21iOvc3HY&feature=share.

If you clicked on the link and listened to what was being stated, you'll know that the speaker thinks this is the beginning of WW3.

Many articles were mentioned.  Please click on the links to read the entire articles.

Since I can't copy/paste what was stated, I decided to share with you links, regarding what was being discussed.  Here they are:

*  This article is by nytimes.com and is entitled, 300,000 Troops and 900 Tanks: Russia's Biggest Military Drills Since Cold Warhttps://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/28/world/europe/russia-military-drills.html.

Although the article states a lot of information, I am only sharing a small amount of what was stated (I copied/pasted):

Russia is mobilizing for its biggest military exercise since the height of the Cold War, the Kremlin says, citing a tense international climate that is “frequently aggressive and unfriendly toward us.”
The exercises, which are set to involve nearly 300,000 Russian troops, 1,000 aircraft and 900 tanks, will also include units from China for the first time. They will start on Sept. 11.
*  This article is by cnn.com and is entitled, Russia's most advanced fighter arrives in Syriahttps://www.cnn.com/2018/02/23/politics/russia-su-57-advanced-fighter-jet-syria/index.html.

Even though much is stated, I'm only sharing a comment (I copied/pasted):

Russia has sent its most advanced fighter jet to Syria, a US military official tells CNN. It's a deployment that could potentially increase the level of danger to US forces operating inside the country.

*  This article is by cnn.com and is entitled, Brazil sends troops to Venezuela border as migrant crisis worsenshttps://www.cnn.com/2018/08/29/americas/venezuela-migrants-brazil-peru-colombia-intl/index.html.

Here is some of what was stated (I copied/pasted):

Brazil is sending troops to its northern border to "guarantee law and order" amid an ongoing crisis which is seeing thousands of Venezuelans attempting to cross into neighboring countries and beyond.
Brazilian President Michel Temer signed a decree Tuesday to deploy the armed forces to the state of Roraima, making the announcement during a speech from Planalto Presidential Palace.
In a series of tweets following the decree, he cited the "terrible living conditions" endured by Venezuelans as reason for the migrant crisis and Brazil's reaction.
*  This article is by thehindu.com and is entitled, India, Pakistan is to be part of anti-terror SCO drill in Russia next monthhttps://www.thehindu.com/news/international/india-pakistan-to-be-part-of-anti-terror-sco-drill-in-russia-next-month/article24425465.ece.

This article stated more than I could share, so I just am sharing a bit of what was stated (I copied/pasted):

Around 200 Army and Air Force personnel from India will be participating in the drill from August 20-29 at Chelyabinsk city

Militaries of India and Pakistan will be part of a mega anti-terror drill in Russia next month which is being organised by the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) with an aim to expand cooperation among the member countries to deal with terrorism and extremism.
Around 200 Army and Air Force personnel from India will be participating in the exercise scheduled from August 20-29 at Chelyabinsk city in west-central Russia, official sources said.
*  Here is another article.  It's not regarding possible war issues.  It's different.  This article is by cnn.com and is entitled, Australian meteor: Scientists search for remnants of late night fire-ballhttps://www.cnn.com/2018/08/29/australia/perth-fireball-meteor-intl/index.html.

I'm just sharing a bit of this statement (I copied/pasted):

Australian scientists are searching for the remnants of a meteor which burned spectacularly across the sky in Perth Tuesday night.
The unusual phenomenon was caught on camera by multiple spectators, and described as a "fireball" on social media.

*  Here is another another website article by earthquaketrack.com entitled, Recent Earthquakes Near Greecehttps://www.earthquaketrack.com/p/greece/recent.  It also states about earthquakes IN Greece.

Yes, earthquakes have been happening, in Greece, as the article states.

To me, it's truly important to have listened to all the videos and the articles.  Why?

Well, the person who posted the first video I mentioned, discussed all of the other articles/videos that I shared for you to read/watch.

He also mentioned how he felt everything related to Jeremiah 49:22, "Behold, he shall come up and fly as the eagle, and spread his wings over Bozrah: and at that day shall the heart of the mighty men of Edom be as the heart of a woman in her pangs.".

Amen!  It seems that what was prophesied in the Old Testament portion of the Bible, is actually coming true.  Just as you read, in today's articles.  And, what you read, in today's Bible verse, for it tells us what can happen. 

After all, the Old Testament portion of the Bible shows much prophecy.  Plus, the New Testament of the Bible usually confirms that the prophesy will or has happened.

The prophecy that the Bible tells us, is that we will live in end times.  Even though end times is not mentioned by that name in the Bible, it does tell us what will happen, in what we call end times.

We call it... end times... because, some things will happen, before Jesus comes back and takes anyone/everyone who belongs to Him, to be with Him.

He will take me.

Will He take you?

Do you belong to Him?

Just so you know, all you need to do to belong to Jesus, is to trust in/believe upon Jesus Christ.  By doing this, you've gained salvation, everlasting life and belong to Him.  Of course, then... you will repent, also.

If you need to come to Jesus Christ, to belong to Him... please... do it today.

Tomorrow, may be too late.

Until next time...

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