Friday, August 10, 2018

Shall Not!

There is something I feel I need to let you know about, here on Life with Lynnie (LwL). 

It's not something I've done.  But, it is something that is happening with some people.



Here is a video on YouTube entitled, Honor Killings, The Real War on Women

Please, make sure you will click on that link.  Watch and listen to what is being told to you.

If you do, then you will realize that killings happen by Muslims. 

Yes, I know you may think... oh well... other people also sometimes kill people.  That would be true.

However, why this happens with Muslims, is because they are taught that it is okay for them to kill people that they want to kill.  And, they won't be in trouble for it.


Muslims prefer to live with Sharia Law... which is the Muslims' Islamic religious law.  Which is why they are arranging whenever they can, to obtain Sharia Law, in whatever country they live in, where it doesn't exist.

Unfortunately, Muslims want to live by their Sharia Law, and not by our Canadian law.  Or, American law.  Or, law from any other country they live in, where they do not yet have the right to live by their own law system that they are taught about, and brought up to live in.

Muslims' god... is NOT our Christian God.

Canada, USA and many other countries were originally created and grown by mostly Christians.  But, Muslims don't want to live by our countries' laws.


This means that if they are able to arrange to live with their Sharia Law, then they will be able to do what they consider to be... honor killings. 

People will never be protected from being murdered, if Sharia Law is in effect for Muslims who murder people.  Nor, will they ever be convicted in court, and be imprisoned for murdering someone.

Our existing laws are mainly based upon what our God told us in His Word, the Bible.

Just as He told us in various places in the Bible, including Exodus 20:13, "Thou shall not kill".

Amen!  Thou shall not kill.

Just as the laws have been arranged in many countries.  

But, not for Muslims.

Please... pray that no more countries will allow Sharia Law to be arranged for Muslims... even though that is what they want to be arranged.

Thank you.

If you pray, I believe God will bless you.

Until next time...

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