Thursday, July 12, 2018

12th of July - Happy Orangemen's Day!

Today, is a special day, here on
Life with Lynnie (LwL).

It's a special day that my
Irish family members
will celebrate, not only what is called...
The Twelfth!

Here is a link for you to read about the Twelfth:

the 12th of July 
is also called...
Orangemen's Day!

On July 12th,
supportive Protestant bands
will participate in...

In the past, I've seen that happen.
And, wish I could have today, even though I couldn't.

Even so, I wish 
and everyone else...
Happy Orangemen's Day!
Happy July 12th!

Thinking of how Protestant band people
 celebrate July 12th,
made me think of how 
they actually walk in parades...
by faith...
 honouring God.
Just as we read in,
2 Corinthians 5:7, "(For we walk by faith, not by sight:)".

Everyone needs to walk by faith, not by sight.
Just as the Orangemen are, 
since they are Christian.

Hopefully, you walk by faith and not by sight.  
Just as I do.  

So, again... I wish you to...

Happy July 12th!
Happy Orangemen's Day!

Until next time...

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