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Honoured & Truth...

If you read Life with Lynnie (LwL) yesterday, then you will understand why I am again going to let you know more about what happened.

When I first saw about Mireille Knoll being murdered by being stabbed 11 times, I was truly upset.  It truly broke my heart.

Not just because she had survived WW2 and had been a Holocaust survivor.  Just as you read on LwL, yesterday.

Today, I'm sharing with you another article.  This article is by and is entitled, Mireille Knoll, Murdered Holocaust Survivor, Is Honored in Paris

Please know that I won't share the entire article with you, because this article had much of the same information that yesterday's article did.  However, here some information I feel you need to know about, so I've partially stated it (I copied/pasted):

However, this article truly touched my heart, because Mireille Knoll who was the Murdered Holocaust Survivor, and was honoured in Paris.  Honoured... by thousands of people!

Here is some of what that article stated (I coped/pasted):

Thousands gathered in Paris on Wednesday to honor Ms. Knoll, marching from the Place de la Nation, on the eastern side of the capital, to her apartment building, a nondescript housing block where mourners had placed candles and flowers on the railings.

Many marched in silence, waving French flags or wearing badges with a picture of Ms. Knoll. Samuel Cohen, 74, who was at the march with his wife, Léa, 70, was one of several who carried a sign that read, “In France, we kill grandmothers because they’re Jewish.”

“It would be a little exaggerated to say that we are not safe in France today,” Mr. Cohen said. “Yet it’s true that we are worried, that it’s become hard to practice one’s faith in some areas, and that we’ve reached a new degree of anti-Semitism with this murder.”

Government officials attended the march, as did representatives of France’s main political parties, including the head of the far-right National Front, Marine Le Pen. She has been trying to shed her party’s racist and anti-Semitic past, but was booed at the march.

In 2015, she kicked Jean-Marie Le Pen — her father, and a founder of the National Front — out of the party for reiterating comments he had made previously that dismissed the Nazi gas chambers as a “detail of World War II history.”

To me, this was a true blessing!

It was probably a blessing to Mireille Knoll's son.  He's not young.  But, it surely wasn't great for him to find out his mother was murdered by two (2) men, of which at least one (1) was... Muslim, as you would know if you read yesterday's article.

Here is a link for a YouTube video entitled, 'It's Unbelievable': Mireille Knoll's son on his mother's murder - Daily Mail

If you watched and/or listened to that video, you'll have heard her son say that he can't understand why anyone would murder his mother.  She was 85 years old.  She had Parkinson's disease.  She couldn't move.  She didn't have money.

It's understandable that on the video Mireille Knoll's son said all that about his mom.  And, didn't really understand at that time, why his mother had been murdered.

The son also asked what happened to the mind of the people who do things like that.  He mentioned that he felt it was unbelievable, especially since she was a nice person who was kind.

Did this surprise me?  No.

You see, when he first found out his mother had been murdered by the men, I believe he probably wasn't yet aware that at least one of them, was Muslim.

If he knew that a Muslim had murdered his mother, then I believe he would have understood better.

You see, Islam teaches Muslims to convert every person in the world to Islam.  If people do not convert, then Muslims are taught that they have the right to cut off people's heads... meaning murder them.

How could Muslims be taught this?

Their god is not the true God.  And, Muslims have and are continuing to try and have done in various countries, to have Sharia law

If they have Sharia law in the country they live in, they are in the process of changing that country into becoming an Islamic country.  And, they will then do all they can to honour their sinful god.

Muslims don't always speak truth about it.  Even though their Qur'an and other holy books, teach them what their god wants them to do.


If people truly understood what I just told you about, then they would not want and would have their government not allow Muslims to have Sharia law.

So, they do not always speak truth.  Even though I do.

They use what they are taught to do.  Taqiyya

Muslims are taught by using Taqiyya that they should not lie to Muslims.  But, they are taught that it is not just okay to lie to unbelievers of Islam, they should in fact... lie!

Taqiyya shows us who are not Islamic, that we are NOT spoken truth by Muslims.

Please know that I am speaking truth.  Truth that I learned about not just though courses I took to learn about Islam.  But, fellow Christians who had originally been Muslim, also taught us about Islam, and of course the use of Taqiyya.

Thinking about truth, made me think of John 8:32, "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

Amen!  You shall know the truth... and the truth shall make you free.

Please accept the truth that I've been letting you know about, regarding Islam.  Regarding what Muslims do.

Please accept the truth that we need to not allow our country's governments to allow Muslims to have Sharia law.  Or, to allow Muslims to do what they want to do as they are taught regarding Islam.

I accept truth.

And, for this... I thank You, dear God!

Until next time...

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