Friday, January 12, 2018

Please Accept...

If you read Life with Lynnie (LwL) yesterday, then you'll know I discussed something important.

It is important to Christians.  Plus, other people who are not Christian.

Today, I'll be discussing something regarding the same sort of issue.  Persecution.

I'll be discussing about Islam and what has happened in England.  After all, England was mentioned, yesterday... along with other countries.

Why is England important to me to mention here on LwL, today?

Well, in 2001, when my now deceased husband was alive, we visited in London, England.  It wasn't our first time there, but it was the first time we were going to see a museum we wanted to see.

The museum was Churchill War Rooms.  Here is a link, for you to read about it:

Seeing the museum wasn't what I am discussing, today.

GOING to see the museum is what I'll discuss.  Just as I've done in the past.

As we arrived and were at an intersection where access to the Churchill War Rooms museum was located, there was a Muslim Imam across the street.

Was he alone?  No.  In fact, he had Muslims there with him.

The Muslim Imam (minister/pastor/leader of Muslim group) was speaking through a microphone, so everyone in the area could hear him.  Much like the pastor did, on the video shown, yesterday here on LwL.

Was this Imam approached by police for him to show them that he had freedom of right of speech to be there speaking like he was doing, so he could be there and yell out to everyone in the area?

NO!  Not while we were there!  In fact, we didn't see any police there, at all! 

Plus, we never saw anyone speak up/out against this Muslim.  Just as was done on yesterday's video regarding a Christian speaking.

So you can see the Imam that we saw, please click on the link, so you can watch this video I'm sharing, entitled Islamic Extremists in London

Yes, Anjem Choudar... was the Imam we saw that day in London, England.  Even though it is not the video of what we saw, it shows you much like what he said in the past.

While looking and finding that video I just shared with you, I found another video regarding Anjem Choudar, that I thought was very important.  Click on this link, to watch the video entitled, Anjem Choudar Found Guilty Of Terror Offences

Wow!  When I found that video, I was truly happy to share it with you.

Why?  Because it proves to you what I've said in the past, regarding Islam.

Even though people sometimes think it regards terrorism, the truth is... that Muslims like Anjem Choudar, ISIS members and members of other Islamic groups are truly not terrorists.

They are truly Islamic people who are doing what their god has taught them to do.

Even so, we... who are not Muslim, are being attacked in various ways throughout the world, today.  And, will be in the future.  Possibly, even worse.

By trying to obtain more rights, here in Canada, USA, England, and any/every other country, Muslims will be able to begin doing what their god wants them to do.

Their Islamic god wants Muslims to convert EVERYONE in the world, to Islam.  To become Muslim.  Peaceably... if possible.

If not possible peaceably, then they have their Islamic rights to cut off the heads of all who are not Muslim/Islamic.  Meaning, kill each and everyone who refuses to become Muslim/Islamic.


To me this is awful to deal with.  But, it seems my government doesn't care.  Our Liberal federal government created a law that says people should not speak up against Muslims.

Well, dear reader... I hope you realize that I am not speaking up against Muslims.  I am speaking truth about what they are here for and wanting to do.  And, will be able to do at sometime in the future, because of what our government has allowed so far.

If you or my government doesn't agree, then I feel badly, and sad.

Not just because I would then be persecuted.  But, also because any of you who feel that way, will continue to help Islam convert our country... and possibly other countries... as their god wants them to do.

Thinking about being persecuted, made me think of Matthew 5:11, "Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake."

Amen!  Blessed I am, even now... when men shall revile me, and persecute me, and shall say all manner of evil against me, falsely... for His sake.

I realize that I am still here on this earth, because God wants me to speak truth.

Please, accept what I've stated.

May God bless you.

Until next time...

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