Friday, January 19, 2018

Over 3,000!

There's something I feel I need to let you know about, here on Life with Lynnie (LwL).

It's regarding somewhere I went last week.

I took a friend with me, and together we went across the border into Detroit, Michigan.  Then, we drove to the church where my past favourite pastor was having an event with his church family.

It was quite a drive, but even though we were held up with a lot of traffic at the border, we made it to the church building on time for the beginning of the event.

What was the event based on?  Islam.

The speaker discussed about how Islam was growing in the state of Michigan, USA.  And, how it was growing within USA in general!

Here is a link by Sharia Crime Stoppers / The United West   This web page was given to us with information, by the speaker.  Thank you!

Islam is growing more and more.

The information given to us, was extensive.  It was absolutely amazing hearing about how much Islam has grown in USA.

Although I won't share every piece of information that was told to us, I will let you know that Mosques inside America has changed in a big way.  After all, you can check out information through the link I gave you, previously.

In 1980, there were 481 Mosques in USA.

In 2005, there was 1,200 Mosques in USA.

Then, in 2017 there was over 3,000 Mosques in USA.

I know that some people might think I'm being weird, because I am Canadian.  And, because I live in Canada, not in USA.

However, I've known in past items that whatever happens in USA, usually happens here in Canada, at a later time.  I must admit, I wonder how many Mosques there are now, here in Canada.


I know that here in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, Muslims have very many buildings

Yes, there was a Mosque built here, years ago.  Then, more buildings that are sometimes used as Mosques were obtained, but there are also other buildings used by Muslims for various reasons.

Some school buildings that were sold, here in Windsor, were purchased by Muslims.  Some have become schools for Muslims.  But, some are used by Muslims for various reasons.

Plus, some church buildings that were sold, have been purchased by Muslims.  And, are now used as Islamic Mosques.


Hopefully, Windsor won't become like Dearborn, Michigan, USA.

Why do I think this? 

It's because Islam now is in control over Dearborn, for Muslims are the main amount of people in that city.

Like what is happening there, can happen here in Canada.

As the number of Muslims keep growing, they will have more control over government issues.  And, will be able to at some point, open the door for Sharia Law.

If this happens, then Islam will begin taking over, in the country they live in.  Just as what is happening in many other countries.

After all, their intention is to convert every person to Islam.  For that is what their god has told them to do.  And, if people do not convert, then they will be able to cut off heads/murder those who will not convert to Islam. 

While that is not yet happening, it will... as the number of Muslims increases to the point where they have control.

Our God has been different

Our God doesn't want us to kill others.

Our Lord, Jesus Christ told Christians to go and preach the gospel to every creature of the earth.

Just as we read, in Mark 16, 15, "And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature."


Every one of us born again Christians need to preach the gospel to all the creatures of the earth.  We all need to let everyone know how to gain salvation.

How can you gain salvation? 

All you need to do, is to trust in/believe upon our Lord, Jesus Christ, then you'll be saved.  And, will have a relationship with our Lord!

I've done this. 

Have you?

If you haven't gained Christ as your Saviour before your life ends here in the world, you'll spend eternity in Hell, separated from God... with NO CHANCE of ESCAPE.

If you have gained salvation, then I'll see you some day in Heaven.

Thank You, Lord!

Until next time...

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