Monday, December 4, 2017

Thank You!

As I sometimes discuss, here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), I decided to let you know about yesterday.  Our Lord's Day!

Yes, I went to worship in the morning, as I've done for a very long time.  However, I decided to not do that anymore.

I decided to attend the worship service with another church group, in the afternoon.  Just like I mentioned previously and did recently.  Like I did many years ago!

The worship service was absolutely a blessing!

Of course, we prayed and worshiped, together.  But, I must admit that it truly touched my heart that two (2) people who were there to worship for the first time, came to Christ by trusting in/believing upon Him, and gained salvation!

Plus, we also had communion!


As I've said in the past, this is such a blessing to me.

Many years ago, when I worshiped with this pastor's church group and did music... dinner was done by the group, also.  This is something that is still done with this group of Christian brothers and sisters.

Yes, we enjoyed a delicious meal.  Thank you, to all who do the work to provide the dinner!  May God bless you for all you do...

I must admit that in the past, we never stayed together as a group to play games.  But, that is done with the group of Christians, now.

So yes, I stayed with the group of fellow Christians again, who stayed and played various games.  Some played a different game than I did. 

Our Pastor, his son whose birthday (Happy Birthday!) we celebrated, another brother in the Lord and I played a game I had never before played. 

We played the game, twice.  I won the first time.  Our Pastor won the second time.  :)

I wish I could recall the name of the game, but I can't.  However, I must say that I truly enjoyed it!

Even though not everyone stayed to play the games together, I was happy that all who stayed to do this, enjoyed our time together.

Yes, I know some of the people, but I don't know everyone.  Yet, we seem to relate well!

I must admit that I truly feel cared for.  And, truly care for them.

Thinking of this, made me think of Romans 12:10, "Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another;"

Amen!  Just as today's Bible verse states, we need to be kindly affectionate one to another with brotherly love, in honour preferring one another.

I feel like God has truly provided for me.  And, for others, who I'm getting to know through our worship time, together.  Plus, time we spend together, like family.

Thank you, Pastor.

Thank You, Lord!

Until next time...

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