Monday, November 20, 2017


There's something I need to tell you about, here on Life with Lynnie (LwL).  It's what I did on Friday, November 17, 2017.

It was a busy day for me.  However, I was able to attend an event I was invited to, in the evening.

The event was at Banwell Community Church.  Here's a link for you to check out this place of worship:

Did I go there on Friday evening, to worship?  No.

My friend, D who works there, had placed on Facebook (FB) an invitation to the event.  It was an event where a movie was shown.

The Christian movie was entitled, Paper Angels.  Please click on this link, to check it out:

I have to admit, it was wonderful for me to go and attend that movie event!

Yes, the movie was wonderful.  Especially, since it was a Christian film.

However, it made me feel good to attend watching the movie.


Because, everyone who attended had to bring either a financial donation, or a donation of some food, to be given to those who are in need of assistance.

This truly touched my heart, and made me feel that I and all who attended, would be blessed helping those in need.

Thinking of this, made me think of Proverbs 22:9, "He that hath a bountiful eye shall be blessed; for he giveth of his bread to the poor."


It is so important to help those who truly need assistance in feeding them.  After all, those in need may be considered poor, since they are receiving gifts.

But, God blesses everyone who giving to them.

Just in case you want to know, I truly enjoyed the movie.

Hopefully, you will... also!

Until next time...

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