Wednesday, July 26, 2017

H.B. B! & In Agreement?

Before I begin today's entry, here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), I would like to take a moment, to wish my brother, B... Happy Birthday!  May God bless you on this, your special day... and always!  Happy Birthday!

There is something I feel I need to discuss, here on LwL.  It's rather personal, but also heartbreaking... due to sin.

Whenever I think about some of the people and ideas they have that are contrary to God's Word, the Bible, I wonder how this phenomena came about.

A Facebook (FB) ex-friend from Africa, wanted to marry me, even though he was already married!

Where did this sinful idea come from?  And/or other sinful ideas?

I'm referring to people who say it is okay to live contrary to the Word of God. 

One might think possibly this friend wasn't really Christian.  Not really a born-again believer. 

Hmmm... possibly.  Since there are many people out there in the world, who try to con others and misrepresent themselves.

After all, we are living in Satan's domain.  The world is his.  All who do not belong to Christ, are of this world and are lead by their father, the devil.

In Luke, chapter 4, we read that once Jesus Christ had been filled with the Holy Spirit, He was led into the wilderness and tempted for 40 days, by the devil.  Satan.

We read in Luke 4:5-7, "And the devil, taking him up into an high mountain, shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time.  And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it.  If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine."   This clearly shows that Satan has dominion over all the earth.

Verse 8 is glorious, "And Jesus answered and said unto him, Get thee behind me, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve."

This is how we too, are expected to live our lives.  Just as Jesus did.  Resisting the devil and living the way God would have us live.

Of course, there could be another explanation, with regards to the livestyle and attitude of this wayward friend.  He may have been misled.

The only thing I can think of, if in fact this FB friend thought he was truly saved, a born-again believer, is that wherever he worshipped, he was receiving false Bible teaching/preaching.

Does this happen?  Of course it does! 

Not just in Africa, either.  It happens right here, in Canada, USA and in fact, all over the world.

Some people don't believe that doctrine is important.  I do. 

Doctrinal statements of church groups state clearly what they believe.  What they stand for. 

By reading any church groups doctrinal statement, the reader should be able to see whether the group's belief is in agreement with the Word of God, or not. 

Do you read the Bible?

I do.

If you don't, please begin reading it, today. 

If you read the Bible, truth will be revealed to you.

And, God will bless you.

Until next time...

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