Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Believe it or not, today I'll be discussing something wonderful, here on Life with Lynnie (LwL).

How wonderful is it?  It's absolutely wonderful!

You see, on Saturday, May 6th, 2017, a Facebook (FB) friend of mine commented to let me know something that was happening to him.

My friend, Viejito, told me about what will be happening for him to do.  He's very happy about it.  And, so was I, when I read what he said.

He gave me permission to write about it, and use his name, so I'm sharing with you his comment (I copied/pasted):

Viejito Felipe Martin Chavez Amen
TY🙏🏼I just wanted to share something that I am very much excited to do:)
I submitted a Application as a Volunteer to ......... Hospital
(I removed the name of the hospital).
So far my Application was accepted as well as the references.
On May 16th I have an interview with the coordinator.
Once I pass this, there is a group interview.
Then Finger Print Check ( no problem on this ).
Then TB shots, then if accepted Training.
I Requested to be placed in a section called ' NODA' which means
No One Dies Alone.
Those who are in Hospice and have No Family or Friends as well as Supporting Family with a Break.
Also I requested to help Cancer Patients , Reading and Talking, just being there😇🙏🏼🌻.
Please Pray that I Will be Accepted.

Later, Viejito also said this after I asked if I could write a LwL blog entry regarding what is happening (I copied/pasted):

Viejito Felipe Martin Chavez WoW, Yes Please Use, You can Use my Name:)
I have been wanting and looking for a Ministry to Help Others .

To Be a Friend and also to Place a Smile on there faces , to let those that do have Cancer, to let them know that they are loved.

Plus, he also said (I copied/pasted):
Viejito Felipe Martin Chavez I will Personally Pray for those that I do meet🙏🏼.
I want To do Our Lord and Saviors Ministry, To Take Up the Cross and Be Christ Like ' In Love ' , to help others.
To let them know that they, Gods Creation are Loved, by Our Loving God and Me.
It's a Friendship that will never be lost.
Lynn, I will meet them again, one day🙏🏼😇