Saturday, April 29, 2017

Evil? Good!

What am I doing today, here on Life with Lynnie (LwL)?  I'm doing what I quite often do on a Saturday.

I'll be letting you know about movies!

Here are some movies I've recently watched:

Hatari, starring John Wayne, Elsa Martinelli and other actors.  If you'd like to find out about this American action/adventure romantic drama film, click on this link:!  To me, this was a very different type of movie I've ever seen John Wayne in, but enjoyed it.

*  El Dorado, starring John Wayne, James Caan and other actors.  Want to find out about this American western film?  If so, please click on this link:  This movie was enjoyable, and the music was lovely.

Donovan's Reef, starring John Wayne, Elizabeth Allen, Lee Marvin and other actors.  Click on this link, if you'd like to find out about this American Technicolor film  I must admit, I truly enjoy this movie; especially the ending.

The Sons of Katie Elder, starring John Wayne, Dean Martin and other actors.  Click on this link, if you'd like to find out about this Technicolor Western Panavision film  Even though much of this movie was sad, I truly enjoyed it.

Angel and The Badman, starring John Wayne, Gail Russell and other actors.  Want to click on a link, to find out about this American Western film?  If so, here is the link:  I must admit, I enjoyed this movie.

As you can see, each of these films had John Wayne as an actor.  As I've said, I enjoyed each of the films.  After all, I've always thought John Wayne was a great actor!

Some of these movies I've seen before.  However, some I hadn't seen before, and enjoyed them.

Even though there was evilness done in various parts of most of these movies, the endings always seemed good.  At least, to me.

It made me think of what God's Word, the Bible tells us.

Thinking of this, reminded me of Romans 12:21, "Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good."

Evilness tends to be rather common.  Not just in the past, like when most of those movies were made.  But, also today.

However, to change what happens, we all need to overcome evil with good.

I try to do it.  Always.

Do you?

If you do, you will be doing what God wants us all to do.

And, you'll be blessed.


Until next time... 

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