Monday, March 13, 2017

The Door's Open...

Here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), I'll be sharing something you need to know about.

If you've been reading LwL lately, you'll be aware that our Ontario provincial government has removed some of our Freedom.  Our Freedom of Speech.

This was done recently, and now our Federal Canadian government is moving on to do the same thing.  Just as I was told by Rona Ambrose, the leader of our Conservative Party for our nation; I shared what she said, on Friday, March 10th.  So, if you want to see what she said, please read it.

Hopefully, you read it, for if you did, you'll see that our country is being changed.  Truly changed.

By the Freedom of Speech being removed from anyone who isn't Islamic, I have believed it would open the door for Muslims to begin major efforts here in Canada to convert everyone to Islam.

Did it take long for me to see that what I thought was revealed to me by God?  No.  It has truly begun.

Anyone in the world can read my LwL blog entries, since it is posted online.  Being on Facebook (FB) and sharing my LwL entries, opens the door for anyone to comment without e-mailing me.

Before our Freedom of Speech was removed, I hadn't been approached by Muslims on my wall/timeline.

However, now that our Freedom of Speech was removed, I have now begun to be approached by Muslims. 

Why do I think this?

Because a Muslim, who was not a FB friend of mine, posted a comment on my link to LwL on FB.

Here's what was said and done by both of us (I copied/pasted):

Lynn McKenzie shared a link.
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wrote about PERILOUS! on my blog: Life with Lynnie

Hopefully, you read Life with Lynnie (LwL), yesterday. If you did, you'll know that I've had trouble sleeping due to being stressed. St...

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Yasr Ahmed My friend, I know that man is composed of body and spirit, and if the departed spirits of the body is dead man human beings always seek to feed the body and by eating delicious eating and drinking the tastiest drinks and juices without wine and enjoy the warmest of women to marry without adultery and eyes watched beholder enjoyed human. nutrition Spirit require My friend, I know that the spirit from allah .alllh inflatable spirit in Adam Creation of Adam allah breathed of His Spirit in Mary Creation of Jesus Christ. And all human beings have the spirit of donations Alllh. So feed the soul requires certainty and faith Ban Alllh no god but allah shave everything and require the establishment of prayer and zakat Fasting and pilgrimage and the work of all the good that Alllh order done and away from all the evil that forbade Alllh from it My friend, I know that if you feed the body and only moved away from feeding the soul will suffer from boredom and despair may become depressed. So in order to be happy in this world and happy life in the afterlife you are required to feed the body and spirit together simultaneously . My friend the way to happiness requires you to meditate on the following facts. The first fact that nothing in the universe create something by chance or by itself. We have not seen anything throughout our lives create a by chance or by itself , because anything that needs a maker of equipment and machinery and preparation etc. The second truth is that the creation of this great universe requires a great and creator has a tremendous amount of great strength and super-science and control. The third truth That allah created the universe before greeted humans of millions years .. the truth fifth that Alllh is the creator of everything is God who created the universe and the stars and the sun and the moon is God who created the earth and the mountains and rivers Alllh He created animals and plants, fish and Alllh is that God created man, who the creation of Adam and Eve Alllh create Noah and Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed and other apostles. My friend when he offers you a human service or help with the work with you needed will you his thanks and gratitude So what will be presented to the allah who created you and gave you life .allah prepared and subjected you to the ground to enjoy including graduating from plants, vegetables and fruit .allah who created you the sun and the moon and the sea and rivers .allah who mocked you everything .allh who created everything .. so all thanks and all praise to allah So Say No god but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet. My friend asked what would happen if you find a planet without water or air or sun or the moon and then one came and scientists invented the water or air, or the sun or the moon, then people will give all thanks and appreciation and love to thsis scientists. The real scientist is here, he is allah is the only one capable of controlling and on universe. Second question Can any human being create since the ground until today. say that he create water or air, or the sun, or the moon. Or any man says he created Adam. Or he says he created himself. My friend, allah is the creator of everything, so you should worship only God and sanctified. And worship and reverence meaning God and the love of God which is to your faith and your belief that there is no God worthy of worship except Alllh. And worship include the establishment of prayer, fasting, and slaughter of the poor and the needy and the pilgrimage and also to love all people and do all the good and stray away from the evil of all kinds of Killed or drinking alcohol, adultery, lying, theft, etc.My friend, when scientists win the Nobel Prize people then give them thanks and appreciation and respect for its these scientists in the service of humanity .. It is strange and weird that people do not make this love and appreciation and respect for allah ,allah who the Creator all scientists and human. Many people deny the existence of allah and these people say that the creation of the universe by chatnce. but The truth is that it does not there the whole in life create something by accident or create himself .And many people had to embody allah in man or the Apostles nouh - Ibrahim - Musa - Christ and the apostles or other animals and other creatures. The question is this appreciation, respect and love that people submit to allah .allh deserves all the love and worship because allah is the one who create all the people and the apostles and Noah, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed and all human beings. allah Found to You eat and drink and live thanks to allah who created everything and serve humanity.My friend, I hope you ask yourself, who is created the heaven and the sun and the moon and the stars, planets, and also the creation of the creation of the earth, mountains, rivers, animals, plants and humans and the creation of the Apostles, including Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed and other apostles. answer Alllh is who created all these Creatures because. Alllh the creator of everything, another question if the worship and reverence Alllh Means love Alllh permission Do you love needs to be mediators Or broker. Like if you love your wife. Are you need a man, to convey this sense of feeling. to your wife also Alllh does not accept intermediaries or intermediary to convey your love to him. allah do not embodied in human beings or messengers or animal etc. Love Alllh means 1. Say no god but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger Allah. The establishment of a prayer, fasting, almsgiving and pilgrimage. and that man works all the good and away are all evil My friend until you identify and learn from it Alllh watched which send NASA images from information on the planets and the stars and the sun and the moon and also saw eyes, who is on the ground of the diversity of plant Guy, animal and human, rivers, mountains, etc. Then you will discover the and you know that Alllh maker and creator of all these things. and also these great creatures indicate and confirm that Alllh have learned a great ability and we can not imagine And therefore it can not be and also impossible to be the embodiment Alllh in the human beings who have a weak and limited capacity and also does not reflect the Alllh in Animal Does not have the mind .I know that my friend Alllh gives the apostles a few miracles and supernatural things in order to know that Russell from Alllh. for example allah granted Prophet Musa stick and turn into a snake and also Alllh granted granted apostle of Jesus Christ that revives the dead and healed the sick and also Alllh granted Prophet Muhammad Koran. allah granted it to the apostles of many others miracles at all times and in all places etc. and therefore should not take the goddess of the Apostles. So Say No god but Allah .- peace be upon him said: "It is seen that there is no god but Allah alone with no partner, and that Muhammad is his slave and Messenger: and Isa Abdul Allah and his Messenger, and his speech was delivered to mary and the spirit of it, and that paradise right and a right shot, enter the paradise of allah of the eight doors O wills ".---------- allah say -In the name of allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.
[112: 1]
Say: He is Allah, the One!
[112: 2]
Allah, the eternally Besought of all!
[112: 3]
He begetteth not nor was begotten.
[112: 4]
And there is none comparable unto Him

Lynn McKenzie feels badly that you posted this comment, Yasr Ahmed. You're obviously Islamic, and decided to comment here on my posting, because you have the right do to so, here in Canada. Our government has not stopped YOU from Freedom of Speech... only the rest of us, who are not Islamic, because we are being falsely accused of Islamophobia. I don't need to break the law and comment about everything you have been taught as a Muslim, even though I have taken courses, have known people who converted from Islam, and have come to know the truth about what each of you Muslims have been taught in many ways, including the fact that you are to CONVERT everyone in the world to become Islamic. However, I will ask you to not comment here, anymore. You're not a FB friend of mine. You're not a born-again Christian who has salvation through the only God. You may be coming across to others about Jesus, but what you wrote confirms that you are taught and only believe Jesus is a prophet, and not the Son of God, which He is. Hopefully, you will read the Bible. Yes, you could begin in the Old testament, and the first 6 books within the Bible will be similar, but once you read the New Testament, you'll see that Jesus IS the Son of God and He has provided eternal life with God. May you be blessed with salvation. I'll pray for you.