Wednesday, March 1, 2017


You may be shocked as to what I'll be letting you know today, here on Life with Lynnie (LwL).

On Sunday, February 12th, 2017, I went to worship at/with a nearby church group, for the first time in a while.  Hallelujah!

Yes, I had gone there a few times over the past few years.  Usually, it was to join a friend or for some other reason.

As you probably recall, I worshipped with a church family group that I absolutely adored. 

What you probably don't know, is that I haven't worshipped there for several months.


Well, there's a couple of reasons.

Something happened with someone who worshipped there as well, that affected me in a way I didn't want to be affected by, ever again.  That person I believe hurt me and my vehicle, also did the same for another friend.

I reached the point where I didn't want to be hurt for a fourth (4th) time, and let my pastor/friend know that I couldn't be there anymore. 

I didn't want the person who I believe did the hurting, to be asked to leave the church group, because I know the person truly needs to be close to our Lord.  Plus, I didn't want anything else to happen to anyone, including the church building, etc., as I heard had happened in the past, elsewhere.

The other reason I hadn't worshipped anywhere, was because after I had been away on the cruise I experienced in October 2016, I began swelling up.  And, when I saw the surgeon in London, Ontario, in November, I ended up having the abscess surgery that I never before knew I needed.

If you are aware this happened to me, then you probably know that I had nursing care at my home, daily.  And, at times, even twice daily.  All this, was for about two and a half (2 1/2) months.

With this happening, there was no guarantee I could go and worship.  Anywhere!  After all, various nurses all came at different times, whenever they came to give me medical care.

But, it truly touched my heart to be able to go somewhere to worship with brothers and sisters in the Lord!

Thinking of worshipping, made me think of Luke 4:8, "And Jesus answered and said unto him, Get thee behind me, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve."

Yes, we need to worship the Lord Thy God, and Him only shall we serve.

Even though I wasn't able to go to worship with fellow Christians for a while, I worshipped at home.

So, I was able to worship Him... always.  And, serve Him in various ways.

Hopefully, you do, too.

Do you?

If so, He will bless you.  Always.

Until next time...

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