Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hell, G.C.I.

As I mentioned here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), my friend and I went to Tampa, Florida, USA

After being there a couple of days at the hotel, we headed for the cruise I had arranged for us.

Knowing I have not been well, I had arranged to be helped to board the ship by using a wheelchair.  This actually helped both of us, and not just me, alone.


Well, we didn't have to line up behind several hundreds of people who were lined up waiting to board the ship!  We only waited a short time, to be able to check in, and was given help to go onboard.  Of course, our luggage was taken for us.  I thanked God!

While my friend probably enjoyed the whole cruise, I wasn't truly happy.  I had never before been on a ship for that cruise line.

They didn't do something that I knew they were supposed to do.  Sorry, I won't discuss it.  But, I will say that even now, my brother, B... thinks I should file a complaint with the USA Coastguard.  I'll let you know I haven't done it.  But, I'm still thinking about doing it.

In any case, I believe that both my friend and I enjoyed most of the cruise. 

I should let you know that while we were on the cruise, we met two (2) couples, who actually live in Windsor, Ontario, Canada... where we live!  One (1) of those couples were actually seated at our dinner table!

I won't tell you everything about the cruise, but I will let you know that on the evening before we went ashore at Grand Cayman Island, something happened that was funny.

While we were being served dinner, a couple at our table asked if we were going ashore onto Grand Cayman Island.  We said we were.

They asked us if we were arranging a tour.

I replied that I had been on that island many years ago, with my now deceased husband, Gordon.  And, wanted to go to Hell, with my friend.  We weren't going to take a tour.  We were going to take a local bus; just as Gordon and I had done.

Our server heard this... and looked shocked.  He made a remark, asking us what we meant when we said we were going to Hell!

I explained that on the island, there is a location where there is something physically there that looks much like Hell would look like.  And, that place is called... Hell.

Everyone was shocked!  No one knew.  But, I did.  And, so did my friend, who I had told about it.

Here's a link for you to read about Hell on Grand Cayman Island:,_Grand_Cayman.

The next day, when we went ashore, we couldn't find bus stops.  :(  So, I asked someone who looked like they lived there, where the bus stops were located. 

The lady said they no longer have bus stops.  Instead, all we had to do was to look at any/all vans driving there, and wave at them.  If they were tour buses, they wouldn't stop.  But, if it was a local bus, they would honk their horn, and stop. 

We did exactly that.

Going on the local bus, there were people who joined us in the van and left the van at various places.  When we arrived where Hell is located, we were alone on the bus, with the driver.  Instead of him just dropping us off at the corner, he actually took us directly to the Hell area.

Wow!  How amazing!

He also told us to walk to the corner, after we were done seeing the area.  There is where we should only get on a bus #1 or #2.  We thanked him, especially since it only took us about 15 or 20 minutes to get there, and would know how to return to the port area.

To be honest, the area was very different than when my now deceased husband, Gordon and I had been there, years ago.  At that time, we entered the area on a walkway that was built over top of the rocks.  There was boiling water; yes, the walkway was hot, but it didn't take long to walk to the end, even though it was curved and not strait.

When my friend and I were there, the walkway no longer existed. 

I realized the rocks were much higher.  The area looked different, but it still looked like a living Hell.

We did some shopping at the stores.  We bought some postcards, wrote them, and mailed them from the post office located at Hell.  The postal worker, took the postcards, and stamped them.  The stamp said... Hell, Grand Cayman Island.

While we waited for the bus, to return to the port area, it began raining.  Bus #3 arrived.  My friend spoke with the driver, even though the previous bus driver told us to look only for bus # 1 or bus #2. 

The driver told us to get on his bus.  He would take us to the port area.  So, we did.

In a way, it was a blessing going on bus #3.  Why?  Well, instead of taking only 15 or 20 minutes to drive to the port area, it took about an hour.

Even though it took longer, we felt blessed seeing more of the island!  We realized that God showed us grace.

Thinking of this, I thought about 2 Corinthians 9:8, "And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work:"

Yes, God is able to make all grace abound towards us; that we, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work.

You may think this is strange to think of this, but I must say that we had actually done good work, during our dinner the evening before arriving at the island.

When we returned and had dinner after being at Hell, the server who heard us mention Hell the evening before, asked if we were now going to Heaven.  lol  I commented that when God decides when to end my life, I would definitely be going to Heaven.  Many people chuckled.

The couple who asked us about going ashore the evening before, said they went and tried to find bus stops... and couldn't find any.  So, they hired a tour driver, for a much lower cost than what was offered aboard the ship. 

They told us they paid US$20 each for the tour, plus gave the driver a tip of US$5 each; this meant they paid a total of US$25 each to go to Hell.  We heard they were happy it worked out well for them.  :)

I whispered to my friend, to not say anything about what the bus cost us.  Yes, we did tell the people that we found out how to get a bus ride.  But, we didn't tell them that the return trip only cost us US$5 each.

Our good work, caused the couple to spend about half the money they would have, had they booked on the ship. 

God blessed us, too.  His grace helped us go to Hell, at a very low cost... with an excellent trip, where we heard about and saw places on the island.

Thank You, Lord!

Until next time...

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