Tuesday, February 28, 2017


If you read Life with Lynnie (LwL) yesterday, you know why I am feeling upset.

Not hateful.  But, definitely hurt.

By our Provincial and Federal governments doing all they can to hurt us as Canadians, and to change our lives by no longer allowing Freedom of Speech concerning Islam, I feel truly torn apart.

You're probably wondering why I feel this way.

Well, when I think of my life as a child, I recall how it was not easy.  In many ways... that I won't discuss here, today.

Both my parents had trouble dealing with life, mainly due to the fact that they both were members of the Canadian army, during WW2.

When I say they had trouble dealing with life, I am not saying they were depressed.  Although, they may have been.  I can't say for sure.

What I am referring to, is how difficult it was for them to deal with daily issues in life, after putting their lives at risk.  More so for my dad than my mom. 

After all, even though my mom was stationed in Washington, D.C., USA only a couple blocks from the White House, during WW2, she didn't have to fight or shoot anyone, in a way of protecting herself.

My dad did have to fight, and shoot people in a way of protecting himself.  In a way of not just protecting himself, but also those affected by Hitler and the group (which I won't name here), who worked with him in the effort to take over Europe.

It couldn't have been easy for my dad to have fought during WW2 over in France, and in Belgium.

To be honest, my parents weren't really dealing well with life, after the end of WW2.  Even so, they didn't hate anyone.

And, our Canadian government and provincial governments made sure that our Freedom was maintained.  After all, those who fought WW2 deserved to have this maintained by our government.

For this, I am sure they were happy.  I know I was, ever since I realized the situation.

Well, at least... was.  Until my provincial government changed our Freedom, last week.

By taking away our Freedom of Speech, I found it upsetting, as I'm sure you know.

Someone who is supposed to be a true Christian, who I knew when I was young, commented on one of my Facebook (FB) postings that he thought I was hateful.

I wasn't hateful.  If he truly read LwL's entry from yesterday, he would know this was true.  Unless, he doesn't believe anything I say.

Like I said yesterday on LwL, I truly feel hated.  And, am suffering from feeling the hatred that is done on me, by my government.

Do you think that by me being hated, I feel shocked?  I'm not.

After all, God told us in several verses in the Bible, that we may be hated... if we are truly related to Him, as a born-again Christian.  After all, He was hated.

Just as we read, in John 15:23, "He that hateth me hateth my Father also."

Yes, anyone who hates Jesus, hates His/my Father, also.

Please understand.  Don't be confused. 

It's not referring to... my human dad.  This Bible verse is relating to God our Father.

So, if anyone hates Jesus, they also hate God.

This also means that His children (like me) will be hated by those who are not truly His children.

Just as I'm being hated, now.

For this, I feel sick in my heart.  It's not easy to deal with.

But, I am forgiving of anyone who hates me.

May God bless and have mercy upon anyone who has been hateful.

Yes, hopefully you can tell that I've forgiven, already.

Hopefully, you will also.

Until next time...

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