Saturday, October 22, 2016


Here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), I'll be discussing something with you, like I've done in the past.  And, will do at times, in the future, too!


Here are some movies I've watched:

Hot Stuff, starring Dom DeLuise, Suzanne Pleshette and Jerry Reed.  If you'd like to check out this comedy film, click on this link:  Even though this movie is supposed to be funny, I didn't always laugh.  There was sin in it.  Even so, I enjoyed the movie.

Absence of Malice, starring Paul Newman and Sally Field.  Check out this drama film, by clicking on this link:  I must admit that even though there seemed to be a relationship in the movie, there certainly was much drama and sinfulness.  Still, I enjoyed the film.

The Green Glove, starring Glenn Ford, Geraldine Brooks and Sir Cedric Hardwicke.  Click on this link, to check out this film noir  This story takes place after WW2 is over.  I enjoyed the movie, even though there was sin in it.

*  Fighting Mad, starring Peter Fonda, Lynn Lowry and other actors.  Want to check out this film about corruption?  If so, click on this link:  Even though this movie was sad in some ways, with sin in it, I enjoyed it.

No Mercy, starring Richard Gere and Kim Basinger.  To check out this police story film, click on this link:  This movie was interesting, even though there was love and sin in it.  Watch it, if you can.


So many movies contain sin.  Even if there is a good story.

Sin isn't wonderful. 

It can lead people unto death.

Just as we read, in 1 John 5:17, "All unrighteousness is sin: and there is a sin not unto death."

Yes, all unrighteousness is sin.  And, there is a sin not unto death.

How can we change this in our lives?

We need righteousness.

We people do not have any righteousness, until we trust in/believe upon our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Then, we gain salvation (Acts 16:31)... and righteousness... of God.

I've done this.

Have you?

Hopefully, you have.

If you haven't yet, then I believe you need to come to Christ, today.  This way, you can gain salvation.

If you don't... tomorrow, may be too late.

Until next time...

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