Friday, August 19, 2016

Join Me...

Today, here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), I'm sharing another e-mail I received, recently.

The e-mail message was from Brian Lilley, of  Here's what was said:
Dear Lynn,

Sharia culture is beginning to creep into Canada and I need your help to stop it.

Here, let me explain:
The Trudeau Liberals asked the University of Regina to expand their existing
summer program to include Syrian refugee children.

This should have been a great way to introduce refugee children to Canadian

Instead, thanks to the administration of the school, Canadian children are being
introduced to sharia values.

In the past boys and girls used to swim together, now they swim apart.
They are

So rather than introduce the Syrian kids to Canadian culture, the University of
Regina decided to introduce Canadian children to sharia through segregation
during swimming. That’s gender apartheid. That’s not the Canadian way.

This is just the beginning, but already we see this sort of segregation happening
across the country.

We need to put a stop to sharia values coming into Canada now before it's too late.
That's why The Rebel has launched a petition to Trudeau calling on him to
implement a strategy to make sure Canadian values are preserved.

You can sign the petition at or by clicking here.

If you believe in Canada, and don't want to see Canadian values being thrown
away by capitulating to sharia, then sign the petition.

Remember, I'm on your side,

Brian Lilley

P.S. This is just the start of the capitulation to Islam. We need to make sure that
Canadian values are not kicked to the curb. Please help spread the word about
our petition by posting as your new status on Facebook and
Twitter, then forward this email to all of your friends and family. 
Are you wondering if I clicked on the link and signed the
petition?  I did.
Hopefully, you will do the same.
Signing the petition is very important.
Why do I think this?
It's because most people don't even realize that Muslims are doing
everything they can here in Canada, to change Canada, itself.  They
are working to bring Sharia Law here.  This way, they can convert
Canada into an Islamic country.  And, eventually every Muslim
will do what they can to insist that everyone become Islamic.
Is this what I want?
Canada is not an Islamic country.  And, never yet has been.
Why does this bother me?
Well, if you've ever read God's Word, the Bible, you'll know that
their god... is not our God.  So, why would I want Muslims to
convert our country into Islam?

Hopefully, you don't want Canada to become an Islamic country
Thinking of this brought to mind Isaiah 43:10, "Ye are my
witnesses, saith the Lord, and my servant whom I have chosen:
that ye may know and believe me, and understand that I am he:
before me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after
Our Christian God, is truly the only God.
Any other groups who focus on another god, are leading
themselves to spend eternity in Hell.
Of course, that may be only after they have done whatever they
can to change our lives, here on earth.  Not just here in Canada,
but in almost every other country in the world.
Please... sign the petition.  And, pray.
God will hear your prayer, if you belong to Him.  Do you?
Are you trusting in/believing upon our Lord, Jesus Christ? 
If so, you will gain salvation, become a child of God and will
spend eternity with Him, in Heaven.
And, He will hear your prayers.
Please, join me in prayer.  Not just for Sharia Law to be
not allowed.  But, also that Muslims will leave Islam and
become Christian.
Thank you.  May God bless you.
Until next time...
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