Friday, May 27, 2016


Today, I'll be letting you know, here on Life with Lynnie (LwL) about what happened on Sunday.

At first, I thought I wouldn't mention what happened.  But, after thinking of it, and praying about it, I decided I would let you know.

Hopefully, what I tell you, will give you a chuckle.  lol :(  :)  You'll have to wait a while.

I must admit, I was happy to drive across town, to pick up my granddaughter, A.  :D 

Off we went, to go spend time with our church family.

A loves attending Sunday school!  For this, I am truly grateful.

Thank You, Lord!

Afterwards, I drove A home.  It was nice seeing her brother, J... as well!

Then, I headed home.

Before I tell you what happened, I feel I need to tell you some information.

While I sometimes wear dresses or normal knee-length skirts, I also wear full-length skirts.  Actually, that's what I wear mostly, to go worship.

In the past, since I didn't really like having skirts with elastic at the waist-line, I added ribbon.  This way, the elastic wouldn't hurt my gut (especially after having all those surgeries, that I still haven't lost pain from).  And, if I felt swollen, or lost weight, I would be able to adjust the waist-line.

The skirt I wore on Sunday, had ribbon. 

Since I hadn't worn it in quite a while, I was shocked when I put it on.  I had to tighten the ribbon, when I tied it up.

Why?  It seemed to be very BIG on me.

Even so, it was good to wear.  So, I wore it.

When I arrived home, I parked in the parking garage.  Just as I always do.

After parking, I opened my driver's door.  And, stepped out of my van.

When I reached the ground with both feet, I felt something weird.  Plus, there had been a sound... like... woosh!

I looked down, and was shocked! 

There was my skirt, lying on the garage floor!  All around me!

lol  :(  :)

I praised God out loud that I was able to pick it up, immediately.  And, adjust it over top of my slip.

I was also thankful there was no one in the area I was in.  This meant no one saw what happened!

Even though this was shocking, I have to admit, I thanked God that it hadn't happened while I was at church!

Thinking of this, I thought about how we are not in control of anything.

God is!

I thanked Him several times, as I headed up to my apartment.  And, thought about the glory I needed to give Him.

Thinking about this, brought to mind 1 Corinthians 10:31, "Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God."

Why did this verse affect me?

Well, you see... as you read earlier, my skirt seemed to be large.

This meant that not only had I lost quite a few pounds over the past few months, but I had also lost a lot of inches!

Over those past few months, I'd done what I believed He would have me do.  I did it, and everything I needed to do, to glorify Him.

The result?  He blessed me.  In what way?

My weight loss.

As I said previously, even though this happened to me, I praise Him for protecting me from being embarrassed. 

For this, I will praise Him... always!  :)

Until next time...

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