Monday, March 21, 2016


As I said yesterday, here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), I planned to go worship with my church family.  And, I did.

But, not with my granddaughter, A.

She was supposed to come with me.  However, I heard first thing SONday morning, that I won't bring her until next weekend.  Easter.

I made my way to join my church family to worship.  And, enjoyed every moment!

Afterwards, I headed over to see my daughter, P for a few minutes.  I gave her something my friend, A asked me to give her.

Then, I made my way to my daughter, B's (A's mom).  I gave her something that my friend, A had asked me to give her for my granddaughter, A! 

After a few minutes, I left there.  And, made my way to a nearby store, where my friend, C and I arranged to meet up.

My friend, C was also thankful to receive something from my friend, A.

My friend A... I hope you read this, and realize how thankful everyone was, receiving gifts from you.  Thank you, my friend.  You're a blessing to me, and to others, as well.

Ahhh...  thank You, Lord! 

I was happy that my van was then empty from gifts my friend, A had asked me to give away. 

Yes, I'm sure you realize she's moving, soon.  It's her condo apartment that God helped me sell, on the same day the listing went on the MLS system.  Thank You, Lord!

Once I arrived home, I decided to just rest up. 

You see, I had only one and a half (1 1/2) hours sleep, Saturday night.  Hopefully, you realize I enjoyed that relaxing 40 wink nap, I had!

Knowing everything I went through on SONday wasn't easy, I was thankful.  After all, I was very tired.  Yet, God helped me through it all.

Yes, He helps us. 

Just as we read, in Psalm 121:2, "My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth."

I praise God that He let us know that our help cometh from the Lord... which made heaven and earth.

If we hadn't ever heard this, or read it, we would not have known the truth.  The truth from God.

My friend, if you haven't been reading God's Word, the Bible, daily... please do it.  Read it.

When you read God's Word, the Bible... He will reveal so much to you, that you will be thankful. 


Until next time...

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