Thursday, March 24, 2016

Dream & Obituary...

If you read Life with Lynnie (LwL) yesterday, you're aware about how God helped me.  And, answered my prayer.

Just as He did again, later on Friday.  Only with another circumstance.

Throughout all last week, I had been thinking that if I felt improved, I might consider driving on a trip.

Yes, I had hoped to have gone to visit in Arizona, Texas, and elsewhere in USA, during the winter.  But, it hadn't happened, due to me not being well enough.

But, knowing I was feeling like I was improving, I thought about going to Boston, Massachusetts, USA and then making my way to see relatives in the Canadian Provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Quebec, before returning home.

Looking at maps, and googling information, I prayed on Thursday evening about whether or not I should make that trip.  Especially since Nova Scotia isn't that close to home!

I actually prayed about my cousins and other family members.

When I was asleep, I had a dream.  In the dream, God told me to check and find out if a cousin of mine, was still alive... or, dead.

Upon waking up, I felt rather upset.

I thought... why would God tell me to do that?  Is she dead?  Or, alive?

Just so you know, she never called me.  It was always me who called her, in the past.

For a while, we spoke.  But, there were times when I couldn't reach her.

Due to all my surgeries, I didn't make calls.  Partially, due to me not being well.

However, when I did call eventually, I couldn't reach her.

Did this surprise me?  Yes... and no. 

You see, my cousin had told me she had been thinking of moving.  So, I thought I lost her.

But, after arriving home last Friday, in terrible pain from walking that block, I decided to google her name.

After God telling me in that dream, to find out if she was dead or alive, I did it.  I did this, because I thought that if she had died, there would be an obituary.

Guess what?  There was an obituary.

I found out, my cousin had died.

I called my brother.  I asked him if he know our cousin had died.  He told me, he didn't!

After being upset and crying, I thought about the whole situation.  And prayed, again.

You see, I realized that God had actually answered my prayer.  The prayer I prayed on Thursday evening, about whether or not I should drive to Nova Scotia, to see my cousin.

What happened, truly was to let me find out the truth, and realize that there was no need to drive there.  Talk about Him answering prayer!

Thinking about this, brought to mind 1 John 5:15, "And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him."

Yes, I knew He heard me.  He knew what my need was.  And, He provided for me, again.  Just as He had done, previously that day.

How grateful I am that He loves me.  And, answers for what I desire Him to do for me.

Thank You, Lord!

Does God love you this way?  Does He provide for you?  Does He answer your prayer?

Life isn't easy.  But, God is good.

He will provide for our needs, as long was we belong to Him.

Do you belong to Him?  Are you His child?

My friend, I hope you are.  For, if so... you will be loved by Him.

If you aren't His child, He may hear you, but He won't need to respond to help you.

How can you become His child?

Trust in/believe upon our Lord, Jesus Christ and you shall be saved (Acts 16:31).  By obtaining salvation, you then become God's child.

Hopefully, you are His child.  For this would mean we are brothers and sisters in the Lord!

Until next time...

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