Saturday, March 26, 2016


I have to admit, here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), that today is a special day.

It was after Jesus died on the cross.  And, had not yet been risen from the dead.

He was missed by the apostles.  And, by those who loved Him.

In my life, this Saturday on Easter weekend, today... is difficult for me.

You see, my deceased husband, Gordon and I got married on the Saturday of Easter weekend.

If Gordon was alive, we would celebrate our wedding anniversary... even though we would celebrate our wedding anniversary again on the correct calendar date.

No, this wasn't the date.  But, it was the day of our Holy weekend, where we became one and were no longer separate people.

Just as Jesus was mourned, I mourn Gordon. 

Is my mourning only for him?  Not really.

I'm now mourning my cousin who I just found, had died.  Plus, I mourn my parents, my brother and other family members and friends.

But, this day is a difficult day for me.  Always.

Even so, God provides for me. 

He blesses me,  And, he comforts me.

Just as we read, in Matthew 5:4, "Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted."

I praise God that He comforts me.

Hopefully, He comforts you, too.  For, I know that we all have lost people we care for.  And, love.

But, only if we belong to Him.

Are you saved?  Did you gain salvation by trusting in/believing upon our Lord, Jesus Christ?

If not, you may not be comforted.

But, if you belong to Him, He will always provide for you.

My friend, if you haven't yet come to Christ, please... do so, today.  Tomorrow may be too late.

Until next time...

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