Thursday, February 18, 2016

Who Cares?

If you read Life with Lynnie (LwL) yesterday, you'll know what I discussed about Canada.  And, how Muslims are somewhat changing.

They are speaking up, more and more.  Much more than they did in the past.  And, saying things they never really said before.

Of course, in the past, when they spoke about how wrong we were about what Islam is about, they never agreed that they hated us here in Canada.  Much like they commented about, in yesterday's LwL entry.

They truly used Taqiyya

Taqiyya means they used their teaching of Islam that tells Muslims that they can lie to infidels... meaning unbelievers of Islam.  In other words, lie to us who are not Muslims.

In addition to what I discussed yesterday, there's another couple of issues that are truly upsetting to me, making me hate this world we are living in.

While watching YouTube videos about people using campervans, I came across a video that wasn't related at all to what I had been watching.  The video that was upsetting to me was entitled, Still Report #488 - Is Canada's New PM a Radical Muslim?:

Did you watch the video?  Did you see Justine Trudeau with Muslims, worshipping?

In the past, I wondered if Justine Trudeau had become Muslim. 

Why?  Because while he was encouraging people to vote for him before the election took place, he let Muslims know he would help them gain more rights here in Canada... and didn't really care about the rest of us, here in Canada, who could be hurt by them.

If you watched that video, you'll also be aware of other information that was talked about. 

Plus, on that video there was another issue that didn't make me happy.  Hopefully, you clicked on the link attached, by entitled, Shocking Photo:  Omar Khadr on video call with Al Qaida supporter he met in Gitmo

If you watched that video, you'll now be aware that Omar Khadr, has been released from prison, and apparently, is here in Canada.  He was a Muslim murderer, who claims to be no one that is dangerous.

It makes me wonder... how many terrorists who murder, abuse, rape and do more to infidels (we unbelievers of Islam), will truly be here in Canada.  I even wonder how many we have, now.

We don't know.  Only God knows.

As I said in the past, we need to rely upon Him.  Trust Him.  And, do what He tells us to do, through obedience to Him.

Just as we read, in Ephesians 6:11, "Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil."

Yes, we need to put on the whole armour of God, that we may be able to stand against the deviousness/wiles of the devil. 

The devil... is the father of anyone who has not become Christian.  By not gaining salvation by trusting in/believing upon our Lord, Jesus Christ.

My friend, trust in Him.  And, help your family and friends to do the same.

Plus, pray for our Canadian Prime Minister, Justine Trudeau.  And, for all who are unsaved, including Muslims. 

By doing so, you will honour our Lord.  And, will be blessed.

Until next time...

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