Monday, January 18, 2016

Please... Pray...

If you read Life with Lynnie (LwL) yesterday, you'll know that I went to worship with my church family.


Not with my granddaughter, A.

I cannot tell you why that is.  But, I can say that I'm not being refused by my family to take A, with me.

However, I am asking you to pray for my family.  Especially, for my daughter B, A's mom... and for A... and her brothers.

As I'm sure you've figured out, something is happening, that isn't right.  It's nothing that my daughter B has control of.

In fact, the only person who truly has control... is God.

He doesn't expect me to fear, or worry.  Nor any of my family members, either.

For, God told us to not think about what will happen.

Just as we read, in Matthew 6:34, "Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof."

Yes, we need to not worry about anything concerning the future.  For ourselves, or for our family.

After all, God told us in today's Bible verse, that sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.


There has been enough evilness that has happened.  In fact, I'll have to be honest and say... even more than enough evilness.

But, neither my family, nor I have been able to correct any of which has happened... in this fiery trial of life.

I'm praying and asking in the name of Jesus, that God will keep a hedge of protection around my family.  In the name of Jesus, I am and have been praying and asking that You will protect them and keep them safe, Lord. 

Thank You, Lord.

And, I'm asking you to do the same, my friend.

For your prayer, I thank you.  May God bless you.

Until next time...

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