Friday, January 15, 2016


Here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), from time to time, I share with you information.  Today, that is what I will do.

As you're probably aware, I'm on Facebook (FB). 

Even though I have some real life friends who are not friends on FB, I have made many, many friends, there.  In fact, I have 4,000+ friends on FB, who live all over the world.

Some share postings with me.  Today, I'm going to share some with you. posted an article and video entitled, Muslims in Minn. Give ALARMING Response When Asked If They Prefer American Or Sharia Law.  Here is a link, so you can check it out: .

If you read this and watched the video, you'll see for yourself that all Muslims who were interviewed, prefer Sharia Law. posted an article entitled, French Mayor:  We Must Ban the Muslim Faith in France.  Here is a link, so you can read it: .

Hopefully, you read this article.  If you did, you will see that some important people in France are speaking up, for their own protection. posted an article entitled, WOO HOO!  African state of Angola bans Islam and will destroy all the mosques.  Check it out, here:

To me, this is good news.  Good news to me, meaning that there are more and more people in the world, who realize that Islam is indeed not a loving religion.

You may not agree.  But, if you don't, then please prove to me that Islam is truly a religion filled with love.

After all, God is love.

Just as He told us, in His Word, the Bible, in 1 John 4:8, "He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love."

Yes, he that loveth not, does not know God, for God is love.  Just as we read, in today's Bible verse.

Someone reading today's LwL entry, may feel that I am not being loving speaking about this.  But, I wouldn't agree.

I am being loving.  Loving my fellow Christians and other such infidels that Islam hates, and is determined to destroy.

In addition, I pray for all Muslims.  I pray that God will make a way where there isn't one, for each Muslim to trust in/believe upon our Lord, Jesus Christ.  For this is how they will become saved.

Just like you, and I.

We all need to come to Christ and gain salvation.  For, we are all born dead.  And, only receive eternal life, after trusting in/believing upon our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Are you saved?

If not, you will spend eternity in Hell, separated from God.  With no chance of escape, or changing this.

If so, then I will be happy to one day see you, in Heaven.  After all, that is where we will spend eternity. 

And, forever... is a... l o n g  time.

Until next time...

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