Friday, December 4, 2015

The Answer...

Hopefully, you read Life with Lynnie (LwL) over the last couple of days.

If you haven't, then I suggest you do so.

If you have, then I believe you understand I've been feeling rather accepted.  Yet, rejected. 

And, have been treated well in some ways.  Yet, I've been treated badly.

All in response of... speaking truth.

Hopefully you realize, that truth is very important to me.

Thinking of this, brought to mind, Galatians 1:20, "Now the things which I write unto you, behold, before God, I lie not."

Just as this Bible verse says, now the things which I write unto you, behold, before God, I lie not.

I speak truth.  Just as I've said in the past.

Some people may wonder why this minister 'friend' thinks differently than my pastor 'friend'.

I think I know what the problem is.  It came to me one morning upon waking up... that there is a difference between those men who are both doing 'work' for God.

After praying about this issue, I believe God answered my prayer.  How?

Believe me when I say that I think the answer is due to... education.

Are you laughing?  Hopefully, not.

You see, I realize that the pastor/friend of mine has a doctorate degree.  By studying and learning through not just secular universities/colleges.  But, by learning through a Bible college.

The minister/friend of mine has university degrees.  But, they are secular in nature.  As far as I know, he has never studied at any Bible college.

I believe if he had, he would know and understand the Bible much better than he does, today.

Why would I think this?

Well, years ago I worked with a woman, who became a friend.  She actually went and studied at a university where my minister/friend did.

Like him, she obtained her theological degree at that same... secular university.

And, during our conversations she repeatedly asked me about Biblical things.

You see, she let me know that although she was taught theologically, she was not taught Biblically.

After recalling this, I believe I understand what the difference is, now.

Plus, I know someone else who has a secular theological degree.  She thinks much like him.   :(

So, my minister friend, since all three (3) of you who only have had secular education and not Bible college education... I'll be praying for you.

May God lead you to understand what problem you are experiencing. 

And, may He lead you away from the group you are working for, that teaches and encourages people to accept that life filled with sin, is okay.  When it is not.  Just as the Bible teaches.

Friend, please know that I forgive you, for all you have done to hurt me.  For, I want to do what God would have me do.

Am I correct in my thinking?  I believe God led me to understand.

But, at this time... only God knows. 

Until next time...

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