Saturday, November 7, 2015


Once again, here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), I'll let you know about movies I've watched!

No, I don't just sit and watch movies and do nothing else.  I actually do paperwork and/or computer work while I watch the movie being played on television.

Sometimes, I even watch movies more than once.  But, sometimes I only watch them once.

It depends upon whether or not I enjoy the film!

Here are some I recently watched:

The King of Marvin Gardens, starring Jack Nicholson, Ellen Burstyn and more actors.  Here's a link for you to read about this American drama film:

Five Easy Pieces, starring Jack Nicholson, Karen Black and several more actors.  This drama film seemed to be heartbreaking to me.  And, filled with sin.  Check it out, here:

I Wake Up Screaming, starring Betty Grable, Victor Mature and more actors.  This film noir, wasn't something I would want to see again.  Want to check it out?  Click here:

Conrack, starring Jon Voight, Paul Winfield, Madge Sinclair and more actors.  To me, this was a rather unique film.  Although there were sad parts, I enjoyed this film.  Check it out, here:

Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines, starring Stuart Whitman, Sarah Miles, Terry-Thomas and more actors.  Although this is a British comedy film, I didn't really find it funny.  Read about it, here:

I must admit that when I watch many films like these listed here today, I feel like I wasn't encouraged.

With sin, sadness and what I would call bad attitudes in most of these films, I hope I won't see most of them, again.  Of course, if I don't recall this info and they are shown again, I may end up watching them again.  Well, at least part, maybe.

Of course, even in real life there are no perfect people.

Thinking of this, reminded me of Romans 3:10, "As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one:"

There is none righteous.  No... not one...

Not me.  Not you.  Not anyone.

The only time we truly receive righteousness, is once we've gained salvation by trusting in/believing upon our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Our Saviour.

Have you gained salvation, yet?

If not, you'll suffer through all eternity.  When your life ends here on earth, you'll spend time in Hell, separated from God... with no chance of escape.

If you have gained salvation, you'll spent eternity in Heaven with God.

Ahhh.... this makes me so happy, knowing that I'll be with Him!

Hopefully, I'll be with you, also.  :)

Until next time...

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