Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Vote For...

Today, here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), I'll be discussing an issue that rarely comes up.  Elections, here in Canada.

On this coming Monday, October 19th, it is Election Day.

Many people don't want to discuss who they want to vote for.  I'm different.


Well, if you know me personally, you're aware that I won't vote for someone who isn't honouring God.

Even though some people claim they are Christian, I've actually got responses from a couple of people in the past, who I decided I would never vote for.  You see, they were in favour of sin.

To me, abortions, same sex marriage and other issues of sin, are absolutely against God.  After all, God's Word, the Bible tells us this.

The only person I believe can be trusted to stand up and do whatever he can for God, is Stephen Harper

As you're aware, Stephen Harper is currently our Canadian Prime Minister.  To me, he's been a very good Prime Minister.

Not just because he's done well keeping Canada on a positive note.  But, also for many other reasons.

A very important thing Stephen Harper has done, was something that I only recently heard about.

Before I tell you what he did, I need to tell you what I did.

In the past, I e-mailed Stephen Harper's office.  Not once.  Many, many, many times.

Knowing that Stephen Harper is Christian, I approached him regarding different issues.

However, one issue I e-mailed him about, was very important.  At least, it was to me.

I asked Stephen Harper to please help protect/rescue women and children over in the Middle East. 

Why did I do this?  Because I knew there were many women and children being used, abused and even sold into sexual slavery by Muslims who killed off family members, like spouses, and/or kidnapped them.

The only women and children this seemed to be happening to, were non-Muslims.  Infidels, as Muslims call them.  With many being Christian.

To be honest, I never heard what Stephen Harper had our Canadian Government do, to help protect and/or rescue those who were being treated badly by Muslims.  At least, not until about a couple of weeks ago.

The link I received from my friends, was a link by visiontv.ca entitled, The New Holocaust:  A ZNews Special.  Here's the link for you to watch it:  http://www.visiontv.ca/videos/the-new-holocaust-a-znews-special/.

Most people would think that that video might be only about Christians being slaughtered by Muslims.  Well, hopefully you watched that entire video. 

If you did, you'll know that the main topic is in regards to women and children being rescued from Muslims who had kidnapped many to be sold into sex slavery.

Please, if you haven't watched that entire video, do so, now. 

The video shows a Christian man, who was originally Muslim, but converted to Christianity, who works with a Canadian missions group.  He and the Missions group reps approach Muslims.

They either buy women and children, or trade items the Muslims want, so that they can rescue the women and children.

For this, I was thankful to see.

However, further on in the last third of the video, a notice is posted.  It tells us that Stephen Harper was in that area, and gave the group $$ to help them rescue those women and children.

Knowing that Stephen Harper did this, on behalf of our Canadian government, truly touched my heart.  And, made me realize that he was doing whatever he could, to do God's work, here on earth.

For this, I am truly grateful!  To Stephen Harper, and of course... to God!  Thank You, Lord!

At first, I wondered why the media had never told us this, when this first occurred.  Then, I realized that if they had, it may have opened up troubles with Muslims here in Canada.

In any case, I'm grateful God revealed what Stephen Harper has done.  For, I know he is doing whatever he can to protect us Canadians, also.

Of course, some people haven't been happy with him, recently.

Windsorstar.com posted an article entitled, PMO's Syrian refugee audit looked at religion, whether some groups benefitted.  Click on this link to read it:  http://www.windsorstar.com/life/syrian+refugee+audit+about+more+than+security/11425261/story.html?hootPostID=d9229d67c82872f4feee30b29f09fbac.

For some reason, some people have been unhappy that the people who claim to be refugees, will NOT be accepted if they just walked into our country and claimed to be refugees.

They seemed to be upset that our government is going to check out their situations, and only allow those who they confirm are truly refugees.

To me, this is absolutely wonderful.

In fact, it is an answer to prayer.  Prayer that I prayed.

After all, look what has happened over in Europe.

Many who claimed to be refugees, have not been happy about having somewhere else to go and live.  In fact, many seem to be happy, healthy, male people with electronic equipment and other items that true refugees probably would not have.  Plus, many have been attacking people in various countries, because things are not transpiring the way they want things to be done.

Are they truly refugees?  Do we want them here?

Probably not.  They are probably ISIS members.  Since they are definitely Muslims.

It made me wonder why Christians from the Middle East, and mainly Syria, haven't been taken as refugees.  It seems that Islam wants to speed up taking over countries in the world.

In any case, we Canadians are not in a position to be sorting out those problems elsewhere in the world. 

But, we are truly blessed having a leader of our country, who places God first.  And, wants to protect us Canadians as best he can, from being hurt in any way, from false people claiming to need refugee status, who are intending to attack Canada, from within.

Being Christian, Stephen Harper knows that we are all subject to higher powers.

Like we read, in Romans 13:1, "Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God."

Yes, every soul needs to be subject to higher powers.  For, there is no power but of God: the powers that are ordained of God.

Honouring God, and protecting we Canadians is truly difficult work, in this world.  After all, society seems to be less wanting to do what God would have us do.

But, Stephen Harper wants to.

So, I will vote for the Conservative party candidate in my area.  This way, Stephen Harper, the Conservative party leader, can be re-elected as our Canadian Prime Minister.

Hopefully, you will, too.

If you do, I will pray God will bless you.

Until next time...

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Thank you, to all who do.  Blessings...