Friday, October 23, 2015

Thank You...

Here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), I need to let you know something, concerning remembrance.

Today, is the anniversary of my dad's death.

Although we didn't have a great relationship, I truly miss him.  And, love him.

Just as I do my mom.  Who is no longer here on earth, either.  I truly miss her, and love her, also.

After writing about my feelings regarding what happened in our Canadian election, I must admit that I felt it was probably good that both my parents have passed away.

Of course, a thought came to mind, that if they could, they would probably turn over in their graves.  Yes, I believe they probably would.  That is, if they knew what could happen here in Canada, as a result of who was elected as our next Prime Minister.

Why would I think this?

Well, you need to know that my parents hadn't met each other, until after WW2 ended.  But, both my dad and my mom were members of the Canadian Army.

My mom was stationed in Washington, D.C., USA.  She was actually only a couple blocks away from the White House.  You can actually see the White House, from where she was stationed.

My dad was stationed for a while in U.K., and spent time in both England and Northern Ireland.  Once the Normandy Invasion took place, he spent time in France and Belgium, placing his life on the line, to fight against enemies.

By joining the Canadian army, both of my parents took time out of their lives, to do what they felt was right for the world.  And, for God.

After all, Hitler and his Nazi's were doing what they could to try and take over Europe.  In addition, what he and his supporters did, was to do a major genocide of Jewish people, and others who were against what they were doing.

The holocaust ended up killing many millions of people.

Did Hitler do this alone?  No.

Many people think he did.  But, he didn't.

Muslims worked with Hitler.

Don't believe me?  Here is a link for you to read on Wikipedia entitled, Relations between Nazi Germany and the Arab World  Of course, if you are interested to read more, research on-line.  Google it!

So, I believe that if my parents could turn over in their graves, they probably would.  After all, our soon to be Prime Minister, has now opened the door to Islam, to receive more rights, here in Canada.

Muslims were the enemy during WW2.  Much like some people believe they are, today.

The difference?

There is no WW3 happening at the moment, so they are not wearing war-type military outfits.  Instead, they are doing what they can, in every country they can, to take over, dressed and acting like normal people, hiding themselves to be able to attack from within, without people knowing what they are doing and plan to do in the future.  Just like they did in USA, on 9-ll.

So, in my opinion, they are literally preparing to attack from within.  Just as they are now doing in various countries, especially in Europe, at this time.

As you've probably read, some countries are now speaking up/out and doing what they can to either remove Islam, or limit what Muslims can do.  For this, I am truly grateful, for reading about it, made me realize that I am not alone in my thinking.

A couple of days ago, a Facebook (FB) friend shared a posting on my wall/timeline.  It was by and was entitled, Don't Let Muslim Migrants In, Says Bulgaria's Orthodox Church

Did our soon to be Prime Minister care about what is happening elsewhere in the world?  Obviously, not enough to want to protect us, here in Canada.

But, we will pay for what he plans to do.  Even if it takes time, and doesn't happen immediately, we will suffer. 

I must admit that even though I expect this will happen, I am grateful for God's Word, the Bible.  For in it, He made it clear in many, many verses that we need to trust Him.

Thinking of this, brought to mind Joshua 1:9, "Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest."

Yes, God made it clear that He is in control.

Just as we read in today's Bible verse, we were told to be strong and of good courage.  We shouldn't be afraid, nor dismayed:  for the Lord thy God is with us, wherever we go.

For this, I am thankful.  Truly thankful.

And, I am grateful my parents are no longer here on earth.  For, if they were, they would be heart-broken and terribly upset over what will probably happen, here in Canada.

After all, they gave of themselves, and did what they could, working hard, to do what God would have them do, during WW2.  They, along with many others, of which some gave their lives, managed to obtain freedom for those they fought for.

For this, I will always be thankful, even if our freedom dissolves the way I believe it will in the future.

Thank you, mom.  Thank you, dad.  Thank You, Lord!

Until next time...

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