Friday, October 30, 2015


Before I begin today's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, I want to wish my grandson D, Happy Birthday!  In addition, I also want to wish D's girlfriend W, Happy Birthday!


Yes, both D and W's birthdays are on the same day!  Although they were born a year apart.

I must say that on the 27th, I drove across town to see my grandson A.  It was A's birthday!

Even though I only saw A for a short time, I was happy to have been able to see him.  And, give him his birthday present.  Like I said previously... Happy Birthday, A!

Then, on the 28th, my daughter P called me. 

She let me know she was having her son D, his girlfriend, W and their son, E (P's grandson, and my great-grandson) who was born this month, come for dinner.

P invited me to join them for dinner.  I must admit, I was really happy about that!  :)

We talked about the problem we were having to arrange a birthday celebration for D & W. 

After all, W's family wants to see her and D.  Plus, they have friends who want to see them and celebrate their birthdays.

So, P and I decided that since we were all getting together for dinner that evening, that we would celebrate their birthdays!  Even though it was a couple days early.

I must admit, P and her boyfriend K truly did a lot of work, making dinner.  But, our meal was absolutely delicious!  Thank you, P and K!

Of course, we enjoyed birthday cake, too!  :)

Enjoying dinner together, and singing Happy Birthday, made me feel so very good.  Especially, since my grandson A had also been invited to enjoy the family dinner with us!

Yes, surprise!

Ahh.... even thinking of this now, makes my heart skip a beat.  With joy... and true happiness!

You see, on my way there, I thought about how I didn't get to celebrate A's birthday, like I normally do.  Even though I got to see him.

Knowing that he lives a few doors away from my daughter P, I asked God to allow A to be able to spend time with us, and possibly have dinner and celebrate.

I must admit, I never suggested it to my daughter, P. 

Yet... surprise!  God made it happen. 
Thinking of how God answered my prayer, brought to mind John 16:24, "Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full."

Yes, I did just as we are told to do, in today's Bible verse.  I had asked God.  And, I received it.  He provided it to happen. 

And, as we read  in today's Bible verse, my joy was made full.  He truly filled my heart with joy, happiness and love. 

For this, I am truly grateful. 

Thank you, my loving daughter, P! 

Not just for having me celebrate with our family members.  But, also for including your nephew, my grandson, A. 

I must admit, I felt truly blessed!  And, oh... so thankful!

Thank You, Lord!  For, my family.  And, for all You do, for them, and for me!

Until next time...

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