Friday, October 9, 2015


You'll probably be surprised at what I will discuss, here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), today.

I'm a grandma, who has been expecting to see a great-grandchild born.  In fact, the baby was due to be born, last Sunday... October 4th.

Was the baby born?  No.  Not yet.

Even though the baby's birth is overdue, I am praying it won't be born until at least this coming, Sunday... October 11th.

You may be wondering why I feel this way.

Well, it's not a fun thing to discuss, but I will say that Saturday, October 10th would be a hard day for me to be happy on.  Even though it is the Saturday of our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.

Saturday, October 10th, is the anniversary of my husband's death.

I'm also praying my great-grandchild won't be born today... October 9th.


Well, even though my husband Gordon died on October 10th, it was only a half hour after midnight.  This explains why October 9th, is a very hard day for me to deal with, concerning memories.  Especially, since the hospital was in the process of ending his life, by removing him from life support.

If you've read the book I wrote entitled, Love Never Fails You... you'll know what I am referring to.  If you haven't yet read it and want to, feel free to click on the links above and below this LwL entry, to access, where you will locate information about Love Never Fails You...

I believe some people might think that it would be wonderful to have a family member born on a sad day.  To me, it wouldn't be.

You see, the day of my deceased husband Gordon's burial was also the birthday date of one of my grandsons.

Even though I am happy to see my grandson, and celebrate his birthday, I feel rather sad throughout the day.

So, in my heart, I truly do not want my great-grandchild to be born today, or tomorrow.  In my heart, I want to be truly happy, not just on the birth day, but on the date of every future year's birthday celebrations.

Of course, it is not my choice, to be done this way, or any other way.  It's Gods.

Just as we read, in Isaiah 55:9, "For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts."

His ways are higher than my ways.  And, higher than anyone's ways.

His thoughts are higher than my thoughts.  And, higher than anyone's thoughts.

He is in control.  For this, I praise Him!

So, whatever date He has planned for the birth of my great-grandchild, is up to Him.  Not to me.

Still, I'm praying that He will provide for me, and for all my family, including my great-grandchild to be born.

May God bless each of my family members.  And, may God bless you, my friend.

Until next time...

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