Thursday, October 15, 2015


Over the past couple of days, I've discussed a couple of leaders of Canadian political parties, here on Life with Lynnie (LwL).

Why have I done this?  Because, I believe people need to be hearing truth regarding those hoping to be elected as our Prime Minister, here in Canada.

Today, I'll be discussing some others, who are political party leaders.

Well, at least in a very nominal way.

Why nominal?

Well, the truth is, I haven't heard most of the political leaders even discuss what we need here in Canada to be done, to protect us.  In fact, I haven't heard any of them speak up/out.

Of course, Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe is not someone I would vote for.  Even if I lived in Quebec.

You may think that I have a bad attitude regarding Gilles Duceppe.  But, I don't believe I do.

In fact, being born in the province of Quebec, means I believe I can speak up/out.  Especially, since his political party virtually wants Quebec to separate from Canada.

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, seems like a nice person.  But, she has not spoken up about security for Canada.  At least, not as far as I know, for I've never heard her do this. 

As far as I know, Elizabeth May has not scheduled anything for my city... Windsor, Ontario.  So, obviously she has no care and/or concern for my area.

Hopefully, you read yesterday's LwL entry, regarding Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.  Check out the entry entitled, Justin Trudeau! & Truth...

Please know that even though I discussed in yesterday's LwL entry that Justin Trudeau is in favour of Islam, and has let Canadians know about this, he is also planning to make changes that will not only hurt our economy, but will increase taxes.  At least, that's what I know from what I've heard.

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair is a party leader I would NOT vote for. 

In fact, knowing that in the past I got identical information from NDP Members of Parliament (MP) who had wanted to be re-elected here in Windsor, I realized that the NDP party must have been in support of sinful things, here in Canada.  After all, they both told me the same info regarding sinful issues I had e-mailed them about.

Of course, when I recently visited someone I am close to, they were upset I wouldn't vote for the NDP party. 

During our conversation, I explained that Unions are in support of the NDP party.  I'm not.

Why?  Well, when I was injured years ago, and was a member of a union, not only did the union not help me, but I had actually contacted an NDP MP, here in Windsor.  I needed help.  Did I receive help?  NO!

In addition, I also mentioned about them being in support of sin, and was told in response... so what?

So what?  I don't want to vote for anyone who is not placing God first in their lives.

After all, God's Word, the Bible tells us that we need to place Him first, and foremost in our lives.  We were told this in various parts of the Bible.

Here is a verse that shows the importance of placing God first in our lives:  John 15:5, "I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing."

As we just read, He is the vine.  We are the branches.  Whoever abides in Him and He in them, bringeth forth much fruit: for without Him we can do NOTHING!


Is this what you want?  If so, then vote for someone who does not focus on God. 

If you want God to be first and foremost here in Canada, then vote to re-elect Stephen Harper as our Prime Minister.  He is Christian.  And, he wants to protect us.

If you didn't read the LwL entry regarding him, then please click on this link entitled, Vote For...

Hopefully, you read that LwL entry, about Stephen Harper being a Christian who has been doing his best for Canada... for persecuted Christians outside Canada and... for us.

Please know, I will pray for you.  May God bless you...

Until next time...

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