Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fretting Not...

Sometimes, here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), I have mentioned health concerns.  Even though I won't give details, I must admit that once again I am in need of healing.

On August 5th, I went to the Emergency Room (ER) at a local hospital.

The ER doctor, happened to be a physician who had taken care of me in the past, regarding some of those health issues I faced before my dangerous surgery in 2014.

After being examined, this ER doctor let me know what was wrong. 

When I asked him why this was happening, he responded.  He let me know that possibly when I was reconstructed during that dangerous traumatic surgery last year, it might be that everything in my abdomen may not have been properly placed.

I realize this may be the case.  Or, it may not.

No matter what the cause, I do need healing.

I was referred to a specialist.  The ER doctor arranged an emergency appointment, so I would be able to quickly see the specialist.

Within a few days, I saw the specialist I had been referred to.

He wanted me to go for testing, and for an ultrasound.  Plus, he let me know that even though he felt he could help me, he wanted to refer me to another specialist, who he said he felt was better able to help me.

Did I receive an emergency appointment with that specialist that this specialist referred me to?  No.

In fact, I was told I had to wait until November 23rd to see him.

When I called the office of the specialist who I was to see on November 23rd, the answering machine message let me know he was away on holidays.

I left a message, asking why I would have to wait so long, when the ER doctor who set things up, considered my situation to be an emergency.  Then, I did the same with the specialist I had seen, having to leave a message on his answering service.

I heard back from the office of the specialist I had seen.  The appointment was changed to November 2nd. 


After having the testing and the ultrasound done, I saw that specialist who wanted to refer me to the other doctor.  He let me know the tests turned out acceptable, even though my physical condition is in need of correction.

At that time, I asked him why his office had not made the referral to the other specialist he wants me to see, as an emergency appointment, just as the hospital ER doctor had with him.

He didn't explain.  Instead, this Muslim doctor let me know that he would contact the specialist he was referring me to, and request an immediate appointment.

This was on August 25th. 

Knowing this specialist I saw was Muslim, I even wondered if he had lied to me.  After all, Taqiyya teaches that it is okay for Islamic people to lie to infidels. 

Just so you know, infidels are... unbelievers of Islam.  Like me, and others, who are not Muslims.

Why do I think this?  Because I have NOT heard from that specialist or his office.

If he was truthful, either he would have contacted me, or his office would have contacted me.  But, they haven't.

Even though I feel this was evilness done to me, I am going to continue trusting God.  And, not worry.

Thinking about not worrying, brought to mind Psalm 37:1-2, "Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity.
For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb."

I praise God that He has placed it on my heart to not fret... or worry.  Whether or not these Muslims running that medical office were evil to me or not, only God knows.

The good news is, that if they were, God will deal with them.  He'll deal with the specialist and the Muslim workers of his office.

As for me? 

I've already forgiven them.   And, have prayed for them.

I'll continue to pray that each of them will gain salvation, by trusting in/believing upon our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Just as everyone in this world who has not yet gained salvation, needs to do .

Plus, I'll wait upon the Lord, for my help and healing.

Please, join me in prayer.  May God bless you, for doing so.

Until next time...

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Thank you, to all who do.  Blessings...