Thursday, July 23, 2015

Great Troubles...

As you probably are aware if you've been reading Life with Lynnie (LwL) lately, I flew from Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A, on July 4th, to go visit family members.

As I mentioned in a past LwL entry, I had heard that the security level for USA was raised. It was due to the possibility of being attacked on that special date.

Knowing that on 9/11 attacks had happened through the use of airplanes, I was aware after hearing about this on the news, that it might be risky to fly on that date, from any USA airport.  Especially, since the security rating was high, due to there being a higher risk of terrorism, as told by the U.S. Government.

Even so, I prayed. Just as I normally do.

The flight itself was wonderful. At least, to me.

I managed to doze off, and rest.  But, only for a short time.

As I mentioned yesterday, there were a couple of young girls (they looked to be about 11 and 13 years old) seated next to me. Their mom was across the aisle. They turned out to be wonderful seat mates!

On our flight, we had comfortable times. We also had times when we had quite a bit of turbulance . A couple of times, the plane actually felt like we were being thrown heavily. In fact, a few people cried out.

But, as I had prayed for, God brought us to Las Vegas, Nevada, safely. For this, I praise Him!

We actually landed 18 minutes earlier than scheduled! To me, this was almost unheard of.

Later, I was truly grateful.

I took a bus that brought me to where I was picking up a rental car, along with everyone else aboard that bus.

Whenever my deceased husband Gordon, and I had used this city as a centre for our southwest travel, we always used Thrifty Car Rental as the company we would pick up a rental car from. There used to be a shuttle van that transported customers.

But, as I said, this time there was a bus. And, it was full, taking people to a different location than in the past.

It drove customers to a centre, where many, many car rental agencies were sharing this commercial building.

Upon arriving, I was absolutely shocked to see that both Thrifty and Dollar car rental companies, were sharing a space. And, they had a mutual line-up.

The line-up was so long, that the line extended right out into the centre portion of the building.  I must admit, it hurt me physically, to stand up that long.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have been partially-disabled for many years. They would also know that I have trouble walking long distances. And, that even worse, I have trouble standing without walking, for an extended period of time.

I praised God I brought a cane with me on this trip, because I needed to lean upon it.

At one point, I went up to one of the counter people and had a short discussion. No, it wasn't my time to receive the car I was renting, for I was still behind many, many people.

Just so you know, there were no line-ups like this at any other car rental company. Only, where I was.

The fellow I complained to, told me it was my problem and not his or anyone else's, that the line-up was so extended.  He also asked me why I didn't have a wheelchair. After a word or two together, I let him know I will NEVER use Thrifty Car Rental company, again in the future.

I was in absolute agony.

After standing for about an hour and a half, tears were rolling down my cheeks. I was in so much pain.

I prayed. And, God helped me.

Tears stopped.  The fellow I had spoken with earlier, actually brought a wheelchair for me to sit in.

Yes, I still had to wait, but I was thankful he had done what he did.

Believe it or not, it took more than three and a half (3 1/2) hours, to finally drive out with the rental car. It seemed close to the same amount of time it took to fly from Detroit, to Las Vegas!

To some people, this wouldn't be upsetting.  But, to me, it was.

After all, it wasn't a case where I needed to arrange for the car rental.  I had already reserved it, and had also paid Thrifty Car Rental, about half the cost, online... before I had even flown there.

Some people might think that God didn't help me, at that time. But, I would disagree.

I know He did. And, I was truly thankful to Him. Thank You, Lord!

He provided for me. Without Him, I don't think I could have gotten through the physical trauma I experienced.  Even though I had truly suffered, there.

Thinking about the adversity in life I had just experienced, I thought about Psalm 71:20, "Thou, which hast shewed me great and sore troubles, shalt quicken me again, and shalt bring me up again from the depths of the earth."

Yes, we will have troubles in our life. Small ones, and bigger ones.

But, God brings us up again, from he depths of the earth.  Just as He did, when I was suffering physically, that day.

Even though it was an upsetting time, God used that fellow to assist me.  I was thankful, as I said.  After all, I had suffered greatly with pain due to my physical limitations.

Something else came to mind. 

I also thought about how there were so many people lined up. Later, I realized that if that fellow saw how it was so difficult for me to stand up all that time, I wondered why no one else did.

After thinking about this, I'm sure other people did. Not just workers, there. But, also people in line.

Yet, no one assisted me in any way.

I thought about something. But, not until after I had driven away with the rental car.

Anyone in line, could have said to me, "go sit down on the seats provided, nearby". They could have saved my place and helped me be in less pain. But, they didn't. 

Not even one (1) person.  :(

Just as I said to the fellow that helped me, I pray that no one will ever go through what I've been through, physically. May God bless each person... and provide for their every need.

Until next time...

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