Monday, July 20, 2015

A... or D... ?

If you read Life with Lynnie (LwL) a couple of few days ago, you'll know that I went on vacation. 

I flew into Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Was that where I was staying to have fun?  No.

Just so you know, I was flying into Las Vegas, because it is the closest airport to where my cousin and her husband live... in Lake Havasu City (LHC), Arizona.

If you have never before heard of LHC, you may want to click on this link:,_Arizona.  Hopefully, you did.  If so, you will have read some information that hopefully, will draw you to there, some day.  :)

To me, LHC is sort of like an oasis.

It's location is in the desert.  Much like many other cities, towns, etc. in the state of Arizona.

But, to me, LHC is the nicest place I've ever been in USA's southwest.

The London Bridge, from London, England is there.  Well, at least part of it!  And, Queen Elizabeth owns a piece of land that was given to her, when this area was born.

I took this pic of the London Bridge, in July 2013.
Take a look here!
Yes, these were also taken in 2013.
I'm sure you'd love visiting here!

To me, the city is sort of like on a grand staircase... with housing raising up in elevation, as you leave from the waterfront. 

From my cousin's home, there are mountains behind.  And, much like many other homes in the area, there is a view of Lake Havasu.

Yes, there is a lake.  With beaches.  And, palm trees. 

Is this what you would expect to see in the desert?

Not me!  :(  But, I absolutely enjoy spending time, there!  :) 

Of course, I sometimes think of LHC as being almost like an oasis, in the middle of the desert.

Yes, in the summer the weather is hot.

In fact, when I visited a few years ago, there was a temperature of 126 F, in the summer!  Of course, temps are not always that high.  :)

However, with it being dry there, I feel really great.  After all, being Rheumatoid Arthritic (RA) with Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS), the dryness of the desert is actually perfect for me.  I usually feel like a million bucks, when I'm there!

Okay, so it sounds hotter than at home.

In Windsor, when the temperature is in the 90's F or even higher just over the 100 F range, it feels even worse than when I'm in LHC.  Why?


It can even be in the 80's F, and be so humid that sweating happens.  With the higher temps, and higher humidity, it's like there's no relief.

Unlike being in LHC.  Where it's dry.  With low humidity.

For this I praise God!

Hopefully, you'll research for yourself, and see how wonderful LHC is. 

Hopefully, you don't think I'm lying.  Because, I'm not.  I'm telling the truth.

Thinking about lying and telling the truth, brought to mind Proverbs 12:22, "Lying lips are abomination to the Lord: but they that deal truly are his delight."

I admit... I have not been lying.  This means I am not an abomination (A) to the Lord.

Hopefully, you are the same.

I believe that if you and I tell the truth, then we are His delight (D).  For this, I am truly thankful!

Of course, this only applies if you and I are His children.

I know I am.  Are you?

Hopefully, you gained salvation by trusting in/believing upon our Lord, Jesus Christ.  If so, then we both are His children. 

And, are a delight to Him!

Until next time...

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