Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My Darling Lynnie...

If you read yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, you'll be aware that I spent time with two (2) friends. 

We enjoyed a delicious meal together.  And, enjoyed our time, together.  Especially, since we are all born-again Christians, who celebrated the birthday of Frank (F), who is a Facebook (FB) friend... and fellow blogger!

You'll find F's blog:  Meditations Thankful Heart, on my blog reading list, here on LwL.

Since C had to arrive later than I planned to, I was the person to pick F up, and later take him home.

On the way home, F spoke up to me, in a way that was very touching.  In fact, I almost burst into tears.

To me, it was shocking what he said.  After all, we were not even discussing any issue relating to what he spoke to me about.

F asked me how I began getting called, 'Lynnie'.  And, asked if it was my now deceased husband Gordon, who called me... my darling Lynnie.

Ooohhh, this surprised me so much, that I wasn't even sure how to answer.

But, I did let F know that although Gordon sometimes called me his 'darling Lynnie', most often he just called me... 'Lynnie'.

Before I could even ask F why he asked me this, he let me know that the Lord had given him a word.  For me.  About me.

F let me know that he was told that Gordon truly loved me.  And, still does. 

F let me know that Gordon felt badly about his life ending.  He wanted me to know that it wasn't a case where he wanted to leave me, for he didn't.  He just couldn't stand suffering any longer. 

In my heart I felt I knew this.  But, had never discussed anything like this with F.  Not, ever.

F also let me know that Gordon doesn't want me to mourn his loss.  He wants me to enjoy the rest of my life, as God would have me do.

When I went to write this entry, I decided to call F and ask him to repeat what was said, the day before.  He did.

F also let me know that he felt sorrowful.  Not just for me.  But, also because he felt pain within himself, regarding what he felt he needed to tell me.

So much so, that he let me know that any time he thought about the word he received, it brought tears to him. 

F even called me back after we hung up.  I could hear upset and tears in his voice, as he let me know once again, that Gordon had truly loved me.

F told me that after our earlier phone call ended, he thanked our Lord... and felt warmth cross his shoulders.

He also let me know that Gordon and I were truly joined as one (1) in our life.  Especially, when we travelled together to countries in many parts of the world. 

I was again reminded that Gordon wants me to be happy with my life, and live it to the fullest, while loving God.

Talking about tears!  Wow! 

I truly did not want to be crying while discussing any of this, but I'm sure F could tell I began crying, before I hung up the phone.  And, those tears are continuing, even as I am writing this entry.

Thinking about tears, brought to mind Psalm 126:5, "They that sow in tears shall reap in joy."

Even though I have cried many tears, I have done all I can do to honour God, and help others.  And, do work for our Lord, even by writing LwL.

It touched my heart, that by wanting to encourage F on his special day, rather than know he was suffering alone on that day, God responded to me, this way.  Through F.

No matter how I feel.  No matter if I am feeling grief.  No matter if I am feeling sorrowful, about any part of my life, I still plant those seeds for Christ.  Everywhere I go.

Even though I have shed many tears over this, I felt I was truly blessed, hearing this. 

Thank you, F.  May God bless you.

Until next time...

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