Monday, April 13, 2015


As I mentioned in yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, I went to be with my church family.

As per normal, I attended our Bible study/Adult Sunday school class.  Just like many other brothers and sisters in the Lord, did.  :)

Then, we all went to the sanctuary, where we joined others.  People, who had arrived for our worship service.

Yes, we worshiped in spirit.  In truth.  And, through music.

Our pastor preached a wonderful sermon.  Just as he always does!

I must admit, we are truly blessed having Pastor Tom Perry, lead us at Walkerville Evangelical Baptist Church.

During our service, one of our members mentioned that before Tom had agreed to lead our church family, things were very different.  Apparently, the number of people attending had dropped, drastically.

This was at a time when I worshipped, elsewhere.

However, since Tom has been the lead pastor, things have truly improved.  More and more people have become regular attenders.  And, members.

I must admit, that I have been truly happy that Tom began to work for God, with this church family.  For this is one reason why I decided to worship there.  And, became a member.

We are truly a church family.  A church family, that has grown in such a positive way.

After all, we are all members of the body of Christ.

Just as we read, in Romans 12:5, "So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another."

Yes, we are together. 

Together, in our love for God.

Together, in our love for Jesus.

Together, in our love for the Holy Spirit.

Together, in our love and dedication to each other.


Thank You, Lord!

Until next time...

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