Wednesday, February 4, 2015

H.B. J! & A Horrible Ordeal...

If you read yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, you'll know that I discussed a special day.  Groundhog Day.

However, being Groundhog Day on Monday wasn't the only thing special about that day.

It was also a day when I was supposed to go to my daughter's home, for dinner.  It was then, that we planned on celebrating my step-grandson J's birthday!

Happy Birthday, J!

Hopefully, you read about how it was we planned... on celebrating J's birthday.  While some family did so, I could not.

After having a heavy load of snow dropped upon our city, it wasn't easy to drive.

The main bus routes were plowed, of course.  As were the school bus routes.

But, all roads were not.  Especially, side streets.

Thinking about this, makes me feel blessed not having to park on city streets, like I have done at times in the past.

It truly makes me happy that I am parked in a covered parking area.  This certainly makes it easy to leave where I'm parked and park again later, after returning home.

This was not the case at my daughter's home.  And, the area she lives in.

On Facebook (FB) yesterday, she posted about how she was stuck in the snow on her street for 20 minutes.  Eventually, she made it out and was able to get with her son's (my grandson's) doctor's appointment.

For this I praised God!

Did the City of Windsor ever get around to plowing her street?  NO!

When I went to drive in the area where my daughter and her family lives, I found myself having trouble making my way on some of the streets.  Especially, hers.

Even as I turned onto her street, I found myself battling through a high volume of heavy snow.

It seemed like yard after yard, I battled again.  Over and over. 

Eventually, I made it near her home.  There was no parking spot for me.  Every space normally available was taken.

One vehicle had trouble getting out.

At first, I thought that after that vehicle left, I might be able to park there.  But, it didn't happen that way.

In fact, I had to avoid hitting the car owner, even though I battled my way through the deep snow near him, because he had gone and gotten a shovel to help remove some snow around his tires.

Knowing I had to move, so he could try and get out of this spot, I did so.  Only this didn't help.  Not him.  Nor, me.

In fact, when I made my way only a few feet away, I had to turn a bend in the roadway, a corner-like situation.

Normally, this would be easy.  It wasn't, yesterday. 

Stuck.  Stuck.  Stuck.  Stuck.  Stuck... is all I can say, as I finally made my way around the bend, and found there was no parking available there, either.  At least, nowhere I could possibly park my van.

Arriving near the stop sign, I began to battle an even greater amount of snow.  Especially, since that other road had been plowed, making an even greater amount of snow to get through in that intersection.  Since there was traffic driving there, I found it took quite a while for me to be able to drag through that horrible hard and heavy snow that the plow left in front of me and my van.

All this horribleness took me at least 20 minutes.  Maybe more.

I thought maybe I could park across the street, but found myself stuck in an area that also hadn't been plowed, with nowhere for me to park.

I praised God that there was a plowed driveway, there!  I pulled in, thinking I would be able to turn around and head back to make my way to be able to go back to near my daughter's home.

Backing out seemed okay, until I hit the roadway.  Sigh... 

Once again, at that corner, there was traffic making it's way back and forth.  Yes, that road had been plowed.

However, when I began to struggle through the deep snow, I found it likely that I might hit a parked vehicle, in my effort to try and make it around the block once again, to try and find a place to park on my daughter's street.  Or, try to swing my van around a bit, and head up my daughter's street, heading the wrong way to find any parking places.

Not wanting to hit that parked vehicle, I was grateful that I was able to swing my van around a bit.  This meant that I was heading up my daughter's street the wrong way, for there would be no parking, headed in that direction. 

This meant I would not be able to park my vehicle.  So, I decided to just drop off the birthday gift to J, instead.  And, phoned my daughter to send someone outside to take the things I was bringing to them.

When I finally arrived near her home, that fellow who had been trying to shovel away enough snow for him to get out of that parking spot, was still there.  But, eventually got out, praise God!  Even if it was only a moment or two (2) before a grandson of mine came out, to take from me J's gift, and some other things I had for his mom.

By now, I'd been struggling through the snow in her area, for about a half hour, or more.  And, more time was used up, struggling more.

As I began trying to make my way through the deep snow, I kept getting stuck, over and over.  Then, I noticed someone who had been struggling to get out of their parking spot at the top of the street, finally got out.

Instead of backing up past one (1) house, and backing out onto a plowed roadway, that person made their way towards me.  Where did they think I would go?!

We both stopped.  And, the car behind me, did too.

That van ahead of me insisted I needed to back up.  What did I do?

I shut off my vehicle and put on my 4-way flashers.  And, prayed.

The driver of the car behind me approached the van that had chosen to block us, and let them know they had to reverse up the street.  So, the driver finally decided to do it.

By the time I got off my daughter's street, I had spent well over 45 minutes, struggling through the snow on that unplowed street.  Sigh... 

After arriving home, I tried to call my daughter.  I had to leave a message.  Later, I went on FB and messaged her.  No response.

I did however get a response, after I posted about the trial I had on her street, on a posting she had made early that morning.  Her response showed me that she was angry with me, for not going into her home, to celebrate J's birthday. 

While I found this upsetting, I chose to forgive her.  And, anyone else who may have been upset with me.  Even if I felt as frustrated, as I did.

After all, God did tell us in Ephesians 4:31-32, "Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice:
32 And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you."

So, forgiving anyone upset with me, was important.  At least, to me.  For, I look to Him for everything.  Everything in my life.

As for J?

Well, being 20 years old, I believe he is old enough to understand the problem I had.  And, old enough to understand that I am not physically strong enough to shovel or push my vehicle, no matter how badly the weather and roadways are.

So, I will once again wish J a very Happy Birthday!  Even if this is somewhat belated.

May God bless you, and provide for all your needs.  I'm hoping you enjoyed your gift and will get to see you, soon.

I praise God for helping me through that horrible ordeal, caused by the deep snow that had not been plowed away, on my daughter's street. 

I could not have done this, without You!  Thank You, Lord!

Until next time...

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