Friday, January 16, 2015

Do It!

Don't have heart failure, when you hear that I partly wrote this Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry a quite a while ago.  Yet, I never finished this entry, until after I posted yesterday's LwL entry, about Suffering Persecution.

As I've said many times in the past, we all need to stand up.  We need to speak up/out.

Please watch this video by IDOP entitled, Don't Stand in Silence

In addition, please read this article by Jews News entitled, Canadian Mayor tells Muslims to pound pork
Please know that I am not against Muslims.  Or, any other immigrant who has come to live, here in Canada.

However, much like my grandparents did, and probably some of your relatives did, they need to adopt to our Canadian lifestyle.  They shouldn't be trying to change ours.

In my opinion, anyone who moves to Canada and doesn't like some things about living here, should reflect upon their feelings.  And, if they truly can't stand living here, then they should return to where they came from.

Call this, crazy... if you like.  I call it... speaking up/out.

As this video requests, I believe we brothers and sisters in Christ need to speak up.  We need to speak out.  And, we need to pray.

We need to pray for all who are being persecuted for their faith.

Yes, there are many being persecuted for their faith.  Just as you will understand better, if you watch and/or listen to a video posted by 100 Huntley Street entitled, Update from the Vicar of Baghdad

It seems that people doing evil things, seem to enjoy doing such things, to many people.  Especially, Muslims. 

But, they don't do just evil things against many people.  They also teach evilness.  And, speak evil of what Islam calls infidels... meaning, those who are not Muslims.  Us.

Thinking of this, brought to mind 1 Peter 3:16, "Having a good conscience; that, whereas they speak evil of you, as of evildoers, they may be ashamed that falsely accuse your good conversation in Christ."

Yes, at some point, God will correct those who are speaking and doing evil against others.  Especially, Christians.

They will no longer be able to falsely accuse our good conversation in Christ.

Many will realize they have done wrong to those of us who belong to Christ.  For sure, when He has them attend the table He will create for us, in the presence of our enemies.

Hopefully, you won't be at the table our Lord creates, in the presence of mine enemies.  For if you do, this will reflect that you do not belong to Him.  And, you will be considered an enemy of mine.

Hopefully, you have already come to Christ, and gained salvation, by trusting in/believing upon Him.  By doing so, you will be a brother or sister in the Lord, with me. 

Come to Christ, today.

Until next time...

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