Tuesday, December 30, 2014


On December 14th, here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), I posted a link to a hymn.

It was The Old Rugged Cross.  Here is a link to LwL's entry for that day:  http://www.lifewithlynnie.com/2014/12/the-cross.html.  On it, you'll see the lyrics and be able to listen and/or sing along, by clicking on the link there, for the hymn.

As I wrote about this hymn for the LwL entry on that Lord's Day, I was reminded about how I recalled hearing my dad sing it. 

He sang it fairly often, even if he rarely ever went to worship.  Still, whenever I think of this music, I think of him.

In addition, at a memorial service for my granddaughter Katherine, I sang this hymn.

The memorial service for her, after she was cremated, wasn't held on this date, years ago.  But today, would have been Katherine's 16th birthday.

Just thinking about how our lives have drastically changed since that era when my daughter P was carrying Katherine, sometimes overwhelms me.

Less than a month before Katherine was due to be born, and while my now deceased husband Gordon and I were away on vacation in Florida, was when my daughter P almost died.

P had a final placental abruption happen.  She herself, almost died.

Once stabilized, they let P know that her daughter had died.  She had to be labour induced and had to deliver Katherine, dead.

It wasn't easy for P to go through this.  :'(

To be honest, my heart still breaks for her.  Not just for going through what she went through.  But also, for losing her child.  Her daughter.  Her only daughter.

Even so, I am grateful that God is in control.

He made sure to keep P alive, so she could be a mom to her sons.  For this, I am grateful.

And, He has given her the strength to get through not only the physical and emotional time when this happened.  But, also through mourning.

Thinking about this, brought to mind Matthew 5:4, "Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted."

God has comforted P, even though she is still mourning her loss. 

And, He's comforted me. 

Not just with the loss of Katherine, but also with the loss of my now deceased husband, Gordon.  And, a variety of family and friends I loved and/or cared for, who have now left this world.

Still, grief isn't easy. 

In my mind, I cannot believe that grief ever dies.  It seems to never leave us.  At least, not me.

But, the thing I am truly grateful for, is the fact that He comforts me.  And others, who are looking to Him.

If you are grieving the loss of someone in your life, please rest assured that God will provide, just as we read in today's Bible verse.

He will comfort you. 

Just look to Him.  And, He will help you through.

Until next time...

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