Friday, October 10, 2014

Heartbreaking... 5 Years...

Here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), I will let you know that today is a special day.  It's a day that is rather heartbreaking.

It is the anniversary of my now deceased husband Gordon's death.  Five (5) years ago.

A while ago, a fellow blogger, George... from The Adventures of Tioga and George (a link is available to his blog, on my blog reading list), posted a link to some music that really touched my heart.  After listening to the song, I realized that he was feeling some grief, even though he hadn't written about it.

The song was by George Harrison and is entitled, I'll See You In My Dreams.  Here is a link for you to listen and/or sing along:  The lyrics are below.

I'll See You In My Dreams

Lonely days are long
Twilight sings a song
All the happiness that used to be
Soon my eyes will close
Soon I'll find repose
And in dreams
You're always near to me
I'll see you in my dreams
Hold you in my dreams
Someone took you out of my arms
Still I feel the thrill of your charms
Lips that once were mine
Tender eyes that shine
They will light my way tonight
I'll see you in my dreams
(instrumental break)
Lips that once were mine
Tender eyes that shine
They will light my way tonight
I'll see you in my dreams
They will light my lonely way tonight
I'll...see you in my dreams

Losing someone you love, isn't easy.  But then, neither is life, itself.

The song seems to be referring to someone who was abandoned when someone walked out of the person's life.  But, the pain felt from the lyrics, also relates to losing someone you love, by death.

No matter what God does for me in my life, my love for Gordon will never change.  I will always love him, even if I were to remarry.  Just as I still love my family members and friends who are no longer here on earth.

After all, love never dies.  Not love for parents, siblings, friends or spouses, who die.  Love always continues on. 

But, so does the pain of losing someone you love.

God has helped me through every year, month, week, day and minute of my life, since Gordon died.  And, He will never leave me to suffer, alone.

He's with me, always.  And, He provides for me, and others who feel grief.

Just as we read, in Matthew 5:4, "Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted."

He's our Comforter.  And, our Lord.

And, He provides each and every one of us, who belong to Him, with the comfort we need to make it through the heartbreaking trial of grief.

He'll never leave us, nor forsake us.  He'll be with us always, even 'til the end of the age.

For this I am truly thankful.  And, will always be grateful for the love He has shown me.

Until next time...

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