Friday, October 17, 2014

For Good...

Every now and then, I let you know about what I've done with myself, here on Life with Lynnie (LwL).  Today, is that day!

This week was usual for me.  I spent time doing things in and out of my apartment.

Of course, I had trouble sleeping some nights.  In fact, on Monday night, I didn't get to sleep until Tuesday morning, just before 7:00 a.m.

After only less than three (3) hours of sleep, I had to get up and do what was on my agenda for the day.  I'm sure you'll understand when I say that I slept really well, Tuesday night!

Wednesday was a special day.  Though I slept well, I didn't really want to get up.  Even so, I did.  For this was a day filled with things for me to do.

It was a day when I screwed up.  lol :(  Even so, it turned out to be a good day, for me!  :)

In the past, here on LwL, I've mentioned how before I had my first of several surgeries in 2012, I used to attend a 50+ group luncheon monthly, at the church where I used to worship.  Only a couple of times, was I able to do this in the last two (2) years, due to all my surgeries and recovery time.

The third (3rd) Wednesday of each month, was when the group usually met. 

My friend W, who leads the group, let me know that they changed the name of the group.  And, they changed how often we would meet up.

Knowing that the group would be meeting only every second (2nd) or third (3rd) month, I made sure I could attend this month.  So, it was on Wednesday when I left home about 11:00 a.m. to cross town and meet up with that group of friends.

Upon arriving, I found out the group wasn't meeting that day, after all.  Apparently, it was changed to next week.  :(

Even so, I met up with a few women I hadn't seen in a while.  They had attended a Bible study group, together.

While I felt sad about making this mistake, I realized that it wasn't really my mind that erred, for I wasn't aware of the date change.

At first, I felt badly about the screw up.  But afterwards, I was rather happy.

Other things I had planned to do, took longer than I thought would happen.  So, it seemed that God made it all work out, for the best.

Wow!  Did this ever touch my heart, thinking about this.

Especially, since it reminded me of Romans 8:28, "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."

Hopefully, you are aware that this Bible verse is NOT saying that all things ARE good.  For all things, are not good.

What God has told us here, is that even if things aren't perfect for us, God will use them, and work them together for good, to those that love Him, to them who are the called, according to His purpose.  Meaning for His children, who belong to Him.

How wonderful it is that He will use even the worst times of our lives, to benefit someone at some point.  Whether it is immediately, or not.

I'm truly thankful for Him doing this.

Not because I was able to do everything I needed to do that day, before attending the meeting for the Injured Workers Coalition (IWC), where I am a member of.  But, because by doing this, He helps either ourselves, and/or others, in a future need for understanding of some situation that occurs, and more.


Until next time...

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