Monday, September 1, 2014

The Memory... & Request!

As I mentioned I would be doing, here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), yesterday I went to worship with my church family.  Being able to do this, was truly a blessing to me.

Unfortunately, our Bible study teacher W, was not able to attend.  As I mentioned about a week ago, he and his family had just returned from a visit to Indonesia, a short time ago.  And, they had just taken a daughter to another city, where she will be attending university.

After arriving home, W had what I've been told was probably a minor stroke.  Even so, he's still in hospital.

I've been praying for W, and for his family.  If you can find it in your heart to pray too, I will thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  May God bless you...

I should mention that last Thursday, I went and had lunch with my friend, M.  She's my friend who had breast reconstruction done in London, a week earlier than when I had my major surgery done.

She and I met at the Red Lobster restaurant, where she suggested we go for lunch.  We enjoyed great food, and good fellowship, to be sure.

It was lovely getting together with M.

I must say that for some reason, she always seems to suggest we get together either on the day of, or near the time of something that is a memory of my past.  Like last Thursday.

That was the day, eight (8) years ago, when Gordon and I picked up the keys to our unit, in the apartment building, where I still live.  It was then, that we did the quick painting job, so we could move in, on the weekend.  Which we did.

Yes, Labour Day weekend, is an important memory of my past with my now deceased husband, Gordon.

Thinking of memories, and how we deal with them, came to mind.

Just as we read, in Proverbs 10:7, "The memory of the just is blessed: but the name of the wicked shall rot."

Being justified is an important thing, for people. 

Those who are born-again Christians, who are saved from spending eternity in Hell, by trusting in our Lord, Jesus Christ for their salvation, are considered just.  So when we read this verse, we see that those who are remembered as being just... or justified, depending upon how you are writing/speaking, are blessed.

While the name of the wicked shall rot.

Hopefully, you're like me.  Justified by faith.  For it is then when we have peace with God, through our Lord, Jesus Christ (Romans 5:1)

I'm grateful that even though I have memories that can be happy, yet sad, God helps me deal with those issues.  And, blesses me.  Just as He has, so far this weekend.

Until next time...

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