Friday, September 12, 2014

Oops... My Health!

Here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), I want to apologize for something. 

I just realized that I have not updated you on my health, for quite a while, now.  Please, forgive me.

I saw my surgeon in London, Ontario at the end of July.

Since I drove myself, I made arrangements to meet with my now deceased husband Gordon's friend B, at a truck stop just outside London, Ontario. 

B calls once in a while, wanting to make sure I'm okay.  Since he was good friends with Gordon, and since he told me when Gordon was alive, that he'd always support him, I appreciate him doing this.  Just as he does for other friend's widows.  Thank you, B!

After our short visit, I high-tailed it to the hospital, where I was to see my surgeon.

When I waited in the examination room at the hospital, I thought it would be my surgeon I would see.  Instead, a team member of his, came to see me.

This doctor, training to be able to do traumatic surgeries, much like the one I had done, told me he was happy I was healed.

Hearing this nearly blew me away.  I was truly shocked! 

In my reply to him, I let him know I was concerned that the drainage tube system removed at the end of June, from my lower abdomen, was removed before I was fully healed.  He seemed surprised; he thought I was healed, otherwise the system would have still been inside me.

After some discussion, he left the room.  When he returned, he brought a portable Ultrasound unit, and did an ultrasound test on the area in question.  Then, he left the room, again.

Later, my surgeon and he both came to see me. 

My surgeon let me know that the pocket had not been healed 100%.  He also told me that there was nothing he could really do about it.  Especially, since he does traumatic surgery, and my need for another surgery, wouldn't be considered traumatic, like the one he did for me, was.

After some discussion, he offered to refer me to another surgeon who could help me.  I was grateful for this.

It was upsetting to me to hear that I still had a pocket open in my abdomen. 

After all, this meant that it could open the door for fluid to begin expanding it, again.  Meaning, I could go through an instant replay in the future, at some point in time.

It also meant that the unhealed pocket inside me, could turn into an abscess.  Sigh...  An abscess can end a person's life, at any time.  One second you're here; the next, you're gone. 

Plus, it meant that just as the doctor had told me, when the tube system had originally been installed, it could become the basis for cancer.  How I hate that C word!

Was I happy about this?  Absolutely, not.

Was I happy hearing that I could have surgery again, to correct this situation, but with a different type of surgeon?  Absolutely, not.

Thinking about not being happy about this situation, made me think of God. 

No, I wasn't angry with God, even though I felt sad.  It wasn't His fault I was still going through this horrible, and lengthy trial.

Instead, I just prayed, silently. 

And, relied upon my faith, just as we are told to do, in Romans 14:22, "Hast thou faith? have it to thyself before God. Happy is he that condemneth not himself in that thing which he alloweth."

God may have allowed this problem to exist, but He did not cause this problem.

While I wanted to cry, being not happy, I knew that I had to continue trusting in Him, through the faith I have.  No tears flowed.  For this, I am truly thankful!

After all, He never guaranteed us happiness.  He guaranteed us... joy!  Joy in our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Just so you know, I have not yet heard about when I will see the other surgeon.  And, certainly have no idea yet, as to when I will have that other surgery.

To all who have prayed for me, I thank you.  I thank you with all my heart.

I appreciate what you have done for me, and will now ask you to continue praying for total, restorative healing to come to the forefront of my life.

Thank you, friend.  I appreciate your prayer, more than you know.  May God bless you, for your loving care towards me, shown in prayer.

By the way, please know that I pray for you, also.

Until next time...

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