Saturday, September 6, 2014


If you read yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, you'll be aware that I mentioned that the person who wrote in a nasty way about my blogger friend Derek, of Derek's Bike, may have been unsaved, and hateful. 

Or, he may have been a French supporter of the province of Quebec, to separate from Canada.  Some people who are like this, have hateful attitudes towards those who do not speak French.  Like my blogger friend Derek, who had been injured during his cycling through the province of Quebec.

As I mentioned in yesterday's LwL entry, I am aware of some of the history in that province, because it is also where I was born.

Even so, I do not speak French, because my parents moved us around to various places, quite a bit.  Even to the United States (USA)!

After discussing the provincial issues at hand yesterday, I thought I should mention the fact that even though I don't live in the province of Quebec at this time, I've been treated badly by some people, when I've returned there, to visit family.  Not to mention the fact that I was mistreated even in the early 1960's!

At that time, when I lived in Montreal, those of us who used to ride bicycles needed to have a license plate for our bikes.  And, the licencing only allowed us to ride our bikes from after Victoria Day weekend (about May 24th), until Labour Day weekend, in September.

We lived across the street from a park.  Both my brother and I made friends with other children in the area, because of meeting them in the park.

Some were Jewish and attended Jewish school.  Some were French and attended French school.  We were English speaking people and attended an English public school.

Due to this, relationships seemed to be on-again-off-again.

Prior to the licencing time period was to begin for us to be able to ride our bikes, our parents had obtained our license plates.  And, installed them on our bikes.  Other children's parents had done the same.

When some of our neighbourhood's children were riding their bikes a couple of days early, our parents allowed us to do the same.  Then, something heartbreaking happened.

A police officer stopped the whole group of us, who were riding our bikes prior to when our license would allow.

He released each and every one of the children in our group.  The French children, plus the Jewish children, because they were able to speak French, also.

Since we had lived previously in USA, my brother and I were not able to speak French.  So, the officer refused to release my brother and I.  Instead, he took our bikes away from us. 

Our parents had to go and pay a fine, in order to retrieve our bikes.  Sigh...

Yet, people don't think English citizens are treated in unloving ways?

As a teenager, while living in Mississauga (a suburb of Toronto, Ontario), I went to visit some family in Montreal.  While there, I went to meet my cousin after school.

Upon entering the bus, I asked the driver to let me know where Sherbrooke St. was located, because that was the stop I needed to get off the bus at.  I had no idea where it was, and I didn't want to miss it, since I wanted to be on time to meet my cousin.

The bus driver told me he would tell me.

As we crossed Sherbrooke St., I saw the sign.  The driver laughed as he told me that now I'll have to walk up the steep hill, to get back to Sherbrooke St., where I had wanted to exit the bus. 

How kind.  How loving.  (Sorry for the sarcam...)  Yet, people seem to generally believe that hateful things like this don't happen.  But, the truth is... they do!

When my husband and I visited with other family in Montreal, we didn't have problems.  At least, not in areas where travellers would normally be.  Like in areas where our hotel was located, etc.  But, when going to shop in residential areas, that was different!  Back to problems, and being treated poorly, again.

All because we couldn't speak French.

Here in Windsor, we met a restaurateur years ago.  He had told us that he previously had lived in Montreal.  And, he had owned a restaurant close to where I had lived.

He was arrested by the police, for having one (1) English word on his sandwich board sign, outside on the sidewalk.  That's right.  One (1)... English... word!!

After being convicted of breaking language laws, he sold his restaurant, and moved out of the province of Quebec.

Personally, I was glad he had done this.  Not only because he ran a good restaurant with delicious food, but he seemed like a nice fellow.  A European person, whose first language was not French.  Nor, English.

Thinking about all of this, made me think about how evil this world truly is.  And, some of the people living in it.

This brought to mind Proverbs 24.  While I don't want to quote the whole chapter, I will say that you may be wise to read it. 

However, I will quote Proverbs 24:1-2, "Be not thou envious against evil men, neither desire to be with them.
For their heart studieth destruction, and their lips talk of mischief."

Please know that we should do as God directed us.  We should not desire to be with evil people, for their hearts study destruction, and their lips talk of mischief.

We must also recall that even though we may not spend time with evil people, we need to forgive them for doing hurtful things to us.  Just as I wrote about over the last couple of days.  And, just as I've done, concerning people who have hurt me.

And, we need to trust in our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

He is our Saviour.  He gave His life for us, so that those of us who will trust in/believe upon Him, will obtain everlasting life.

I've done this.  Hopefully, you have too.

I'd rather see you in Heaven one day, than to find out you are spending eternity in Hell... with no chance of escape.

Until next time...

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