Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pray for The Middle East Problem...

Here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), I've discussed the problem Israel is having with Muslims, that call themselves Palestinians.

I received by e-mail a link to a YouTube video entitled, The Middle East Problem

Hopefully, you watched this video.  It gives an easy explanation as to what the problem is within Israel.

As you have heard/seen in this video, one (1) side wants the other side, dead.  Unfortunately, it is the Muslims who want the Jewish people (and others), dead.

There has been much discussion lately about the problem in Israel.

Many people are speaking up, claiming that it is horrible that so many Muslim people, including women and children, have been killed.  Especially, since many less Jewish people have been killed.

I've even had friends on Facebook (FB) comment and/or post about how awful it is that so many Muslims are being killed.

I agree that it is terrible.  There's no way I would want to see anyone killed.

However, in my opinion, the problem isn't what much of the general public thinks, at this time.

Firstly, I hope people will realize that when Muslims are firing at the Jewish part of Israel from Gaza, the Israeli army has equipment that is able to blow up the missiles, most of the time.  By doing this, it prevents people from being murdered.  For this, I praise God!

Then, people need to realize that when the Jewish part of Israel fires back into Gaza, their equipment will respond and send missiles to where the Muslim missiles were originally sent from.

Hmmm... and people wonder why so many Muslims are getting killed.

Muslims are not using army-type locations to house and send missiles from.  Instead, they are doing so, within homes, schools, and other type buildings where people are located.

So, when they are attacked in response to them trying to kill Jewish people (and others, too), some of those missiles kill families, or people, like children in schools.

This absolutely makes me sick.

Why do the Muslims do this?

In my opinion, they do it for a couple of reasons. 

I believe they do it, firstly because if some of their own people are killed, then they can speak out against the Israeli army.  They can claim to the world how awful they are, in sending missiles to kill those same people who originally fired missiles into the Jewish part of Israel.

In addition, people need to understand Islam.

Islam teaches that if Muslims give up their lives as martyrs, they will be rewarded in heaven.  So, many Muslims don't really care if they die. 

Especially, since Islam teaches that not all Muslims will go to heaven.  In their teachings, Muslims know that in order to go to heaven, they need to be martyrs.

In my opinion, Muslims are firing missiles from locations where their families and schools are located, so that when the return missiles attack, many will become martyrs.

So then, why are some governments condemning the Israeli army for responding to the Muslim attacks?  Why is the United Nations, speaking out lately, against Israel?

As unsaved people, those who do not read God's Word, the Bible, do not realize what God expects of them.  They can look at basic information, and condemn Israel, when in fact, they should be condemning those Muslims, who call themselves Palestinians.

Firstly, because as you saw/heard in the above video, potential peace will only happen when Muslims stop attacking the Jewish part of Israel.

However, as a Christian, I know that the Bible teaches that even though we are to pray for the peace of Israel/for the peace of Jerusalem, peace will never happen, there.  At least, not until Jesus returns to earth.

Even so, we must pray, just as we were told, in Psalm 122:6, "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee."

God tells us that when we pray, those that love His people in Jerusalem, will prosper.  This does not mean that we will become rich.

This is saying that we will be blessed in many ways, during our lifetime, as long as we are obedient and do what God would have us do.  Meaning, pray for Israel... and Jerusalem.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier, peace will not happen, there.  At least, not until Jesus returns to earth.

Muslims will continue attacking the Jewish part of Israel, just as they are already doing.  Not just with missiles. 

But, through invading from within.  By using tunnels to have access to blow up areas where they want to kill others. 

Just as you'll see in this article posted by The Jerusalem Post entitled, Israel uncovers Hamas tunnel with maps, weapons, and IDF uniforms

This type of attack is not new.  It's been happening for a very long time. 

Just as our sister in the Lord, Brigitte Gabriel wrote in her book entitled, Because They Hate.  Here is a link to read about her and her book:

She is not alone.  Many others have lived through circumstances like she has.

Believe me when I say that I feel badly about what is happening there.

I pray.  I pray, in obedience to God's desire.  And, support Israel, as He told us to do.

Hopefully, you do, also.  If not, you are living in disobedience. 

May God bless all who are supporting Israel, the way God wants us to. 

Until next time...

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