Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thank You!

If you've been reading Life with Lynnie (LwL) for a while now, you're probably aware that due to recovering from surgery and health problems, I wasn't able to drive.  At least, not for quite a while.

Last week, all this changed!

On Wednesday, July 2nd, I forced myself to get dressed.  Many of you probably don't realize that with having pain from having my muscles used to reconstruct me during my past major surgery, from my rib cage to my pelvic area, it has been painful to even wear clothing.

Once ready to go out, I made my way across the street, to the park's parking lot, where my van has been parked for about a couple of months.

In the past, my brakes seized up on several occasions, when my van had not been driven for a lengthy period of time.  That day, was no different.

When I put it in drive, I expected my van to move.  It didn't.

Pressing down on the gas pedal more and more, finally made enough pressure to get my van slightly moving, again.  Once it began moving, things seemed to be okay, once again. 

For this, I praised God!  After all, it hasn't been easy dealing with all of life's problems and trials, in the physical condition I've been in.  I was truly thankful that I was able to drive my van.

You're probably aware if you read past LwL entries, that when my van was last moved, it overheated.  The radiator hose had come off.

Why this happened, I have no idea.  It may have been due to a loose connection, and possibly by the extra pressure applied, by having to give it stronger gas pedal use.  Only God knows.

At that time, my daughter B's friend E had been able to reattach the hose, but not secure it, properly.

So, when I finally got my van moving on July 2nd, I made my way to my mechanic's shop.  About a block away from where I was driving to, my van began steaming, again.  Yes, it overheated.

My mechanic lifted the hood and showed me that the hose had once again come off.  After discussing my van's needs, I gave him the keys.

My friend A, arrived within a few minutes afterwards.  She was picking me up, so we could go have lunch together. 

We made our way to Red Lobster.  Upon entering, we managed to be seated at my favourite booth.  And, we enjoyed a delicious lunch.  It actually was our lunch, and another meal for each of us, for we both had leftovers!

Afterwards, we did a little bit of shopping for fruits, vegetables and meats.  Then, we enjoyed raspberry lemonade, at Tim Horton's.  :)

Eventually, A drove me back to my mechanic's shop.  After introducing her to my mechanic, I paid my bill and discussed the work done and the work needed.

And, I praised God for the grace He provided for me.  In every way, that day.

I was reminded of James 4:6, "But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble."

Yes, He gave me grace.  How grateful I am that He has made me a humble person, for He provided for me, in every way that day. 
After all, He helped me get my van to where it would be repaired, without having further problems, or having to be towed, there.

He provided help from my friend A, who showed me love by spending time with me, making me feel cared for.  And, gave me a way of being able to do some shopping, with help from my friend.  Thank you, A.  May God bless you.

In addition, He gave me the physical strength to endure, through that day that was physically difficult for me.  By the time I arrived home, and unpacked my groceries, my abdomen was hurting so much, that I had to rest. 

But, He helped me do what I needed to do.  In every way, that day.  Thank You, Lord!

I must admit, I truly feel blessed.

Until next time...

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